Boo-Hoo! “National Friendship” Post Removed

When I tried to bring this e-mail over to my blog, I thought it worked okay until I published it.  In preview, all of the pictures were there but published they were not.

So I went back and  saved all 12 of them, came to the post and tried to insert them only to find out that 8 of those 12 pictures didn’t save right and I can’t use them to fix this post – boo-hoo!

It was such a cute and thoughtful e-mail too!!

Anyway, Happy Friendship Week to all my cyber-friends out there!!



Fantasy Party

It was my birthday
and the party time
But nobody came
it was a crime

So I went outside
by the old tree
And took my book
to make a fantasy

My own pretend guests
did I then invite
I think you’ll agree
they were a sight

There’s good ole’ Abe
reading along with me
And we had cop to
keep us invader free

With my own version
of dinosaur to ride
We’ll play some games
my turn to hide

For hours and hours
we will party down
and this party hat
will be my crown

Nobody else can come
to my private party
 what fun they’ll miss
for them dissing me!

Teresa Marie  9/18/11

Closed Doors

When a door is closed
right before our eyes
the regret that’s imposed
is hard to disguise

Vision does it impair
when steeped in misery
as we wallow in despair
because we just don’t see

That God‘s made a way
to open another door
when everything turns grey
we must believe for more

If we are so disposed
to miss what He does hold
those doors will be closed
and blessings lost untold.

Teresa Marie  7/27/11

Their Lies

My heart cries
I trusted the lies

Give me no alibies
Won’t believe your lies

The more she tries
No escaping from lies

Leaves her to despise
The “system” for lies

If next time she dies
Will you see his lies?

She just sits and cries
 For they think she lies

And still my heart cries
Because of the lies

As a plan I devise
To circumvent their lies

When on me she relies
For escape from the lies

Lord, please hear our cries
and expose all their lies!

Teresa Marie   7/18/11