Someone You Wish You Could Meet – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 9

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I wish that I could
meet you face to face

While I’m still living here
in this earthbound place

Oh angel guard of mine
if I could only see

Your image, shape or form
whatever that it may be

For I have no doubt
of whether you are there

And I know that I am
forever in your good care

Yet it would just be nice
or better said it’d be Divine 

If I could meet you here
oh Guardian Angel of mine!

Teresa Marie  1/27/12 ©

CooCoo – A-Z Weekly Photo Challenge; C-Archives

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for coo-coo

what I’m called


the thought

are you appalled?


with me

that’s just fine


I think

coo-coo’s are divine!

Teresa Marie 1/17/12  © 

A-Z Archive: C Challenge

by frizztext

Guardian – Haiku

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Guardian Angel
sent from the heaven’s Divine
as protector mine

Teresa Marie  12/30/11 © 


Awesome (Hay(na)ku)

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the glory
angel of mine

to me
His Light Divine

Teresa Marie  12/29/11 © 


Crystal Palace

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crystal palace
of my dreams

with hope
lights my “seems”

to make
the darkness shine

the glory
of my Divine!

Teresa Marie  12/28/11 © 

To Thee Divine

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My expression

To Thee Divine


Lord Jesus

I am Thine

Teresa Marie  12/24/11  ©


Lying Between: Weekly Photo Challenge

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Between you and I
a bed of love blooms

Without need to try
our life it consumes

Ahead a bed of roses
lies for me and you

When no one here imposes
their own will to do

With the color of prisms
it blooms and grows

For without me-isms
then neither anger knows

Under rainbows of Divine
soul mates are we

That our love entwine
through all eternity!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©





Into Glory


Into Glory

Of the Divine

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©

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Is Divinely

Given in simplicity!

Teresa Marie  12/20/11 ©


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Caressing Bliss

A deeply intimate kiss
night of caressing bliss
a love such as this
what my soul did miss

Wonders of the Divine
made you eternally mine
as woven gold so fine
our love does entwine

Oh prince of my life
relieving me of strife
making me your wife
ever to the next life

I thank God for you
the day you rode into
save me through and through
only as you could do!

Teresa Marie  12/5/11

For my loving husband Mark!