Dirty Tricks


Carried On A Friday

In The Middle

Enemy Mind

Road Mistaken

Your Light I See

Doubt Vs. Faith

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Confusion – Hay(na)ku

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rules me
as never before

I shouldn’t
turn back or

to keep
sailing on for

prize awaiting
on distant shore

only faith
and nothing more

haunts me
to the core

controls me
I’m its whore

my soul
sins does store 

of God
I must implore

me clean
that purity restore

me again
One I adore

let me
run like before!

Teresa Marie  1/25/12 ©

In Your Anger

In your anger
do not sin
for no reward
will you win

Don’t let the
sun go down
while you still
wear a frown

For anger does
no good thing
upon your soul
sin does bring

And the devil
do not give
a stronghold ever
where you live

‘Cause to then
get him out
before he fills
you with doubt

Is much harder
than you think
and a bitter
cup to drink

You must let
your anger go
that no sin
begins to grow!

Teresa Marie  10/5/11

Staring At The Moon

As at the moon I stare
I wonder is God there?

When life is so unfair
I question does God care?

With sin around us everywhere
does He have grace to spare?

When my faith I declare
should I these questions share?

Fear lead me not into despair
let not doubt my soul ensnare

God my love do I swear
from all sin my soul repair

‘Cause I know You’re truly there
for I can see You everywhere!

Teresa Marie   9/16/11