I’m So Excited to Tell You About Billy Blue

1Jeffery, Gerald and Junior awoke to a bright, sunny day.  After breakfast with Mum, they went out to play

Enjoying the warm gentle breeze, entered into a patch of trees

Junior was whistling a tune, Gerald about the song to croon

But Jeffery’s face turned all pale,  when hit his ears the loudest wail

Picture 034Junior only wanted to play, Jeffrey poised to runawayPicture 032

But Gerald insisted they go see, someone hurt there might bePicture 033

Off they ran licketty split, yet for only  just a bit

For they ran smack dab into,  their dear old friend Billy Blue

“What’s all the ruckus about?” Gerald almost had to shout

“Come on, so bad, it just can’t be?”    “Ya? Well my mom’s gonna kill me!”………IMAG0378

Well, what do you think of my Billy and the story teaser?  I really like this birdhouse a lot and want to live in it myself, lol!


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Here is the full 360:

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Dragon Time Story – Haiku

And Hell Erupted On Earth – This Week’s Picture it & Write

Tourists crowded the space like a herd of cattle. I set up my easel and exposed my paints to the scene before me. Together we would create a masterpiece landscape. I raised the quivering tip of my paintbrush to the blank canvas but a tremor threw me out of my chair. My easel fell to the ground like a wounded animal, bleeding paint. Another tremor disturbed the ground. I suddenly registered that people were screaming. The rush of footsteps created a sinister murmur. This couldn’t be happening, I thought,the volcano is dormant. I was frozen to the spot. People bustled me to the side. Those who didn’t get up were trampled. The screaming halted for a moment. A deafening roar exploded from the picturesque landscape.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And hell erupted on earth
rising up from the core

Spewing it’s vilest poison
lapping tongue of a whore 

Forked in demonic nature
ragged horns jutted forth

Ashes up from the pit
foul winds blowing them north

The screams all around me
were nothing to even compare

To the anguish I heard
crying for me to beware

As the multi-headed dragon
from within the lava arose

While there came a great wailing
as a mother in birth-pain throws

Beside it were a thousand demons
whose putrid stench filled the air 

 Vomited out of the pit
with Armageddon to declare

Then I woke up gagging
nostrils holding the smell

From that most frightening scene
of the world’s coming hell

“Dear God, dear God, dear God,”
I then began to pray

“Leave me not behind
to face that Judgement Day! 

But rather my dear God
this I beg of Thee

If You would only allow
that ‘chosen’ I would be!” 

Teresa Marie  1/28/12 ©

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

Poetry Picnic Week 24: Free Linking

Dilly the Dragon

One day Dilly the dragon
sat with her tail waggin’

While staring at a flower
hour after hour after hour

Waiting for it to open
without her ever once mopin’

The other dragons thought Dilly
was acting pretty darn silly

‘Til hearing her delighted cries
when the flower opened its eyes

And they all ran to see
the greatness of its beauty

But by the time they’d come
the blooming was over and done

And left Dilly alone to sing
of the joy the flower did bring!

Teresa Marie  1/10/12 ©

A lesson in patience


Dragon Deep

image source: dreamworlds.ru

Dragon of red
among the dead

In caverns deep
your treasures keep

You demon spawn
from the beyond

From days old
collecting your gold

In abandon greed
with hasty speed

Your coffers swell
there in hell

Left wanting more
what you adore

Your every action
brings no satisfaction

When is no peace
for the wicked beast

From the dawn
until time’s gone

In the pit remain
trapped in your pain!

Teresa Marie  1/4/12  ©

The Dragon

There is a dragon
when time does end

Who wants with you
an eternity to spend

When his very presence
was long ago foretold

By the holy prophets
in days of old

It is through deceit
spun in intricate webs

That away from God
the world slowly ebbs

Fall not into temptation
of his silver & gold

That outstretched to you
his hand does hold

When those led astray
are all around you

Defense of your soul
shall be up to you

It’s a choice we’re given
there with you does remain

If you stand with the Lord
and  to His salvation lay claim!

Teresa Marie  11/29/11