Friday’s Quote From Aristotle

Hummingbird – Haiku

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Sweet Lullabye

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Dream – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge: Letter 5

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to leave
a book behind


of fantasy
grandchildren to find 


my poetry
to be defined


of what’s
inside my mind


Teresa Marie  1/20/12 ©

I Was A Frog

Dreamed one night
I was a frog

Living out in
a celery bog

Came swimming out
from under a log

In the dim light
of heavy fog


Re-deep was all
that I could say

As I swam
along the way

When to a fish
I became the prey

Fighting to live
for another day


The only thing
left  to do

Was to hide
from his view

So that log
I crawled onto

As he swam on
I thought “whew!”


Then I woke up
from that crazy dream

With a big jump
and a re-deep scream

‘Twas to me
it did seem

A frog’s life
isn’t peaches & cream!

 Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©



The Wizard

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The wizard found
in my dreams
caught a falling star

“What shall you
do with it?”
I called from afar 

“Why do you
want to know?”
he in turn asked me

“I just wondered
if you could
put it back, maybe?”

Then he said 
with a laugh
 “I’ll tell you true,

That’s a magic
that only God
the Almighty can do

When He is
the One Who
first created them all

And it’s also
up to Him
how they rise and fall!”

Teresa Marie  1/11/12 © 


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Ever dreamed that you’re falling
with no way of forestalling?

Heart beats faster and faster
and everything spells disaster

The seconds go by flashing
as to the ground you’re crashing

You know that you’ll die
as to heaven you cry

“Oh God, please save me!”
 in your fear so desperately

And just before the sound
of you hitting the ground

With a jarring kinda shake
you find yourself awake

But I have a question
and maybe a suggestion

Did you then again speak
 or at any time seek 

After God’s help again
or just a nightmare pretend?

Teresa Marie  1/7/12  © 

How I Seem: Weekly Photo Challenge; Self-Portrait

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“It’s so fluffy!” is how
to myself I do seem

To approach this life
and live out my dream

Some may think that
I’m a bit extreme

But although this world’s
not peaches and cream

I always do try
to hug and squeeze it

That every ounce of
 joy and laughter I get

So any challenge will
head on be met

‘Cause “It’s so fluffy!”
is just what I bet!

Teresa Marie  12/17/11 ©



Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

by frizztext




Poet or Writer

When I was younger
it was my dream
being poet or writer
the perfect life seem

With riches and fame
that it would bring
in this mortal world
I would be something

Now I am older
not rich but poor
but I am doing
the thing I adore

Fame’s not in sight
but I don’t care
I love my life
and those with whom I share!

Teresa Marie   11/9/11


Perfect Poet Award Week 55 Acceptance Poem
I nominate Charles Mashburn for Week 56

I Was A Child

I was a child
in this particular dream
on a moving bridge
is what it seem

Was filled with fear
I did not know
just what to do
which way to go

Should I move back
or keep walking on?
I was all alone
where had everyone gone?

The house lay ahead
within rock and tree
it looked so cold
and was somewhat scary

As back and forth
the bridge did sway
my only desire was
to just get away

Caught in my throat
was then a scream
just as I awoke
from having this dream!

Teresa Marie  11/6/11