30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 3 – Parents


There’s so much about
my parents I could say

But to tell the details
there is just no way

I’d have to write a novel
to be able to cover all

That they’ve done for me
and it would not be small

My parents are the rock
on which I’ve been built

While many tears over me
have been by them spilt

To say there were times
that I’ve done them wrong

Would be an understatement
in the short and long

And it isn’t easy to
 have to say it’s true

But if I didn’t then
I’d be lying to you

I have made them suffer
more than a daughter should

And I would take it back
if in any way I could

In alcohol and drugs
I once lost my way

For which my parents have
been often ones to pay

 I don’t just mean in money
though that included too

But rather in the heartache
that I have put them through

Yet I have been forgiven
and my slate is clean

For my complete turn around
they have now clearly seen

Although my love of them
I did not always show

It is my hope and prayer
that I’ve made them know

And I take the time
in my life today

To try to show them
in every kind of way!!

Teresa Marie  1/16/12 ©

I love you very much Mom and Dad!

Thanks for always being there for me!!




Lead The Way

image source: fanpop.com

Throughout my life
I can now see

The balancing act
that it can be

And I think that
most would agree

I haven’t walked
 it very carefully

 I know not what
ahead I’ll find

But I am aware
what I’ve left behind

I’m blessed to not
have lost my mind

Through mistakes made
of every kind

The booze and drugs
that I did use

To ease my pain
have no excuse

And the years
of my abuse

By one who forever
does me accuse

I’m lucky that
I am still here

God has a purpose
for me it’s clear

I know He does
my direction steer 

 For He’s protected
His child as dear

So as I go
on my way

Through this life
day by day

I know my angels
will lead the way

To whatever path
before me lay!

Teresa Marie 1/16/12 ©