“I May Be Going Insane, But…” – Part 2

The neighbor next door to them had their porch light on.  Their little red Nova sat directly in front of their house and the porch light lit up the whole side of their car very brightly.  As Tess slowly realized it, movement caught her eye!  There was someone standing on the deck stairs of their trailer and she could see their shadow in the light reflection of the car!!

Now her head was pounding as hard as her heart was.  Okay, a couple of people would be thieves but this many of them could only mean one thing, cops!!   

Tess stood there transfixed on the scene unfolding before her eyes, frozen in thought and unable to act.  As she watched the shadows reflected on the car, she could see there were more than one, looked like three all together, lined up with their backs against the neighbor’s trailer.  When one moved slightly, she could make out the shape of what looked to be a pump-action shotgun!

“Oh bloody hell!” she said to herself.  Jolted into reality, Tess backed away from the window.  “I should wake Joe up!” instantaneously ran through her mind, followed by, “But what if it’s just the ‘shadow people’?”  she was answering herself now in a full-blown internal argument.

“He’s gonna be mad if you get him up for nothing!!  He has to go to work in the morning and he’s tired!!  You better watch some more to be sure of what you are seeing!”

“If that’s the cops and I don’t get him up right now, he’s gonna kill me even more so ’cause we will both be going to jail!  God, dear God, tell me what to do!  Is this really happening?”

Tess crept back to the window and gazed out again just in time to see two figures crouched behind the neighbor’s car, gently bouncing it and pulling it backwards.  “They realized that their shadows were reflecting on it!” her mind screamed in horror at her!  “You better go check out front again and see what’s happening out there.”

As Tess was moving back through the rooms to the kitchen window, she bumped into one of the chairs at the kitchen table, knocking it over with a loud bang.  “Shit!” she said out loud.

The walls of the trailer were paper-thin and Tess felt sure that anyone out there would have heard the sound.  Moving quickly to the window and barely lifting the blind out, she looked and saw several figures scrambling backwards into the shadows across the street in that yard.  “They heard it!!”  Practically running back to the living room window, she looked out there to see that the car had been moved far enough back so as to no longer show a clear reflection and the two figures flew out from behind it and back to the safety of the neighbor’s deck stairs.

“OMG, OMG!” Tess kept repeating over and over.  She didn’t want to go to jail!!  “Okay, calm down and get everything ready to flush down the toilet before you wake Joe up in case you run out of time!”

A mad dash scramble through the house ensued!  The drugs and paraphernalia were all gathered together in the little plastic tub she had grabbed out of the sink.  Running to the bathroom, she set it on the toilet seat and then went into the bedroom.  By now she was shaking so bad that her teeth were chattering.

Kneeling down next to the bed with her mouth up to Joe’s ear, she gently began shaking him and whispering his name, “Joe, Joe, wake up!!  It’s an emergency, Joe, wake up!”  Then she shook him harder.  Finally Joe opened his eyes and looked at her like he was about to kill her!

“What!!!” he snapped.

“Okay, don’t be mad at me please!!  I may be going insane and it may just be shadow people, but I’ve been watching them for almost an hour and I think we are about to be raided!”

Joe sat straight up in bed and looked at her.  “You’ve been up too long and are just seeing things, tell me what happened.”

“I think you’d better go look for yourself first because, if this is for real, we have no time to waste!”

Joe jumped up and pulled on his shorts, slipped his feet into a pair of moccasins and grabbed the Mag Light next to the bed.

“What are you doing?” Tess almost screamed!

“I’m going outside to look!”

“Are you crazy!!  What if the S.W.A.T. Team is really out there?”  Tess was terrified.

“We are busted either way, if I go out or if they come in, so I’m not second guessing what’s going on out there, I’m gonna find out for sure!!!”

With that he snapped on the flashlight and went out the door.  Tess thought she was going to throw up or have a heart attack or maybe even both!  She could hear Joe outside the trailer and looked out in time to see him cross the street to the neighbor’s yard and then come back.  

“Oh, double shit!” she said to herself, “It was the shadow people!!  He’s gonna kill me for waking him up!”

As Joe came back into the trailer, he looked at Tess with a half-disgusted stare and said, “Get some sleep, Tess!  And I’m not kidding either!”  Then he went back to bed.

Tess sat there for several more hours trying to calm her nerves.  “Wow!  That was such a detailed hallucination!  I’m never staying up for three days straight again!  Thank you God!!  Thank you Guardian Angels!!  I know you’ve got my back and I’ll try to stop all this crap, I promise!” and with that, she blissfully passed out!   The End…

Teresa Marie 5/25/12 ©