The Earth Angel

Picture it & Write; Two Mothers

-Picture by Mihai Tamasila

Your arms were always open, even when I wronged you.
You gave me life, you gave me air, even when I hurt you.
You never discouraged me, never dragged me down.
You perform little miracles every day,
Even when people are hacking away at you.
I wish for your strength, your patience, and your resilience.
Someday I will stop taking you for granted. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature. 

 Eliabeth Hawthorne

Picture it & Write

by Ermilia

Mother – Haiku

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The Potential Angel – Haiku

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Angels to befall
here on earth potentially
 when He works through all 

Teresa Marie 1/25/12  ©

Talking to The Moon

One time a little fairy

Flew high into the night

Until she reached the moon

Who shimmered with delight


“Hello  Mr. Moon“, she said,

“Sing a song to me

Of golden stars and unicorns

In a dream world fantasy


Sing to me of a time

When in the world we find

The sweetest of Godly love

Does rule all of mankind”


Mr. Moon then gently said

“My dear, dear little fairy

There soon will come a time

That God on earth we’ll see!”


The little fairy then flew home

To where the fairies live

So that she could tell all

She had Good News to give!

Teresa Marie  8/24/11