I Was Taught Respect

From a young child
respect was taught
for those whose lives
our safety bought

It mattered not
what badge they wore
more important
the oath they swore

A debt we owed
of gratitude
freely given
without attitude

Killing police
condoned by blacks
proves just what
this country lacks

Following God
His laws to keep
was in our hearts
conviction deep

Yet to believe
today brings scorn
an evil soul
in us was born

If once again
we put God first
He’d prosper us
and lift our curse!

She Wants To Feed – Part 5

All at once I stopped with a thud.  I was in a place that I can only describe as a cavern.  There was no way out and it was so dark that I could barely see my hand in front of my face.  Cold also.  There was a dank musty odor that was so prevalent it seemed to be seeping into the pores of my skin.

“Skin?,” you ask.  Yes skin.  I don’t know about the other place but in this one you still had your body, sort of.

That was it, it was cold, dank, musty and I was all alone.  My first thought was, “This is hell?  I thought there was supposed to be fire and brimstone?”  But no answer came, nothing. 

Then my second thought was, “I’ll go nuts having no one to rap with!  I know there are others down here, I’m not the only one in hell!  Where is everybody?” 

Those thoughts finally began to sink in.  The truth of my situation hit me all of a sudden like “a ton of bricks” and the prospect of an eternity in this place didn’t give me any “warm and cozy feeling.”  Quite the contrary.  I’d never felt so alone and lonely in my entire life.  Was this my hell?  Was everybody’s hell different depending on what their personality was or something?  The questions continued to mount in my mind but there was no one to ask them to.  God had abandoned me, I was totally cut off from Him.

 I sat down and began to sob like I’d never done before in my entire mortal life.  Huge sobs heaved my body, I couldn’t breath.  That is when I began screaming at the top of my lungs.  All that kept running through my head as I did was this phrase “the screams of the damned, the screams of the damned.”  And then someone was laughing.  It was not any ha-ha laugh either but rather the laugh of a crazed person, an evil laugh that chilled me to my soul!  Wait, did I even have a soul anymore?  Why wouldn’t they stop laughing?  Who was laughing?  Then she was standing there in front of me, the girl, and she laughing at me.

Just then my body was wracked with excruciating pain.  I opened my eyes to a light shining brightly down into them.  I heard a voice saying to someone else, “We’ve got him back but I don’t know for how long.  Can’t you get around them?  We’ve gotta get him to the hospital now or we’ll lose him again for sure!”

There had been an accident on the highway and the road was blocked.  The ambulance sat idling in the jammed up traffic.  Just as the EMT was asking the question, a wrecker arrived to move the cars out of our way.  The driver and the authorities were working frantically to clear a path for the ambulance to get passed.  Traffic was directed to pull off to one side or the other and let us through.

That is when I died the second time.  This time hell was a whole different place and yes, there was fire!

Teresa Marie  11/15/11