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Great Undertaking – Chõka

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My Heart

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When I Fell


When it was 

that I fell

out of heaven 

and into hell

Was no longer

proud and strong

filled with remorse

for choosing wrong


Doomed now to

torture the earth

until the day

of its rebirth

When there’ll be

a final end

to the pain

that I send

As all mankind 

His glories see

when He comes

Lord of Divinity 

You’ll pay Him

the worship due

for the eternity

He’s given you!

Teresa Marie  1/5/12 ©

Crashing Waves – Free Write Friday

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Standing on the shore
as waves crash around me
how I do abhor
what has come to be

I stare at the moon
as I consider eternity
and how much too soon
 it will come for me

Thinking how you left
without a single word
has left me inept
floundering in the world

Feels like I’m dying
all broken up inside
tears I’ve been crying
over how you lied

Forever you did say
was how it would be
and now I just pray
for God to take me

‘Cause He’s the only One
Who loves me true
and after what you’ve done
run to Him I do

For I know at least
there is peace of mind
and a roaring beast
never there to find

So go on and run
I’m stronger than you
with the rising sun
are skies of blue

And I’ll be okay
for it is you see
with His love today
you’re not the end of me!!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©

Dance ‘Til It Hurts

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Dance ’til it hurts
the day I die
so you have reason
for tears to cry

As a great celebration
it needs to be
when the time comes
to enter my eternity

Don’t want you all
to mourn my loss
for it is life
that’s a ring toss

Some win the prize
of many long years
they spend in laughter
between all the tears

And much too early
do others move on
for all time is short
before it is gone

So maybe it’s just
the Irish in me
that desires at death
you throw a party

But then again I would
to be honest and true
have to admit the reason
why I want this from you

Is because I know
what up there awaits
when the time arrives
to enter heaven’s gates

And the joy that
I will have there
has nothing on earth
with which to compare

So dance ’til it hurts
that when you do cry
it won’t be for me
or it would be a lie

‘Cause I will be dancing
with you up there too
and  all of the angels
in my life anew!!

Teresa Marie  12/15/11  ©

In Your Name

 Lord, in Your Name
 meaning I have found

There is no shame
contained in its sound

Lord, by Your Name
have I been healed

And by the same
my forehead is sealed

Lord, through Your Name
strength is given me

I know You came
to give us eternity

Lord, it’s Your Name
that none is above

In glory You became
the object of my love!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

Butterfly Angel

‘Twas a beautiful day
to go for a spin

Just to drive away
made me wanna grin

To no particular place
were we gonna go

No need to race
time to go slow

As we went along
a flower patch we passed

Felt there I belong
where no worry could last

Then rubbed my eyes
thought, “This just can’t be!”

Amidst the excited cries
said, “Honey, look and see!”

A beautiful angel appeared
with her butterfly friends

As her image cleared
I prayed it never ends

We stopped the car to
watch the angel there

Until the time came due
and they went into air

As they had disappeared
then my spouse I told

“Those daily things I’ve feared
no longer have a hold

Thank You, Lord,” I prayed
“for allowing me to see

What the price you paid
has brought for eternity!”

Teresa Marie  9/4/11

A Rose I Hold


A red rose I hold
in my hand for you

It represents all the love
that I give to you

It’s red as my heart
that’s yours with every beat

The color of my face
the day we first did meet

And it’s of a shade
that is lush and deep

Just as my love for you
is ever your’s to keep

So please will you accept
this rose that you see

As I pledge my heart 
to you for eternity!

Teresa Marie   9/3/11

I love you Mark



My passion stirred
with words heard

Igniting the fire
deep longing desire

Yours am I
with breathless sigh

As a dream
does this seem

What I feel
can’t be real

This love exists
my heart insists

So you may do
what you want to

Take of me
for eternity!

Teresa Marie  8/31/11