Second Chance At Love

This second chance
to fall in love
makes me dance
and thank God above

I feel like Eve
in the Garden
before the devil deceive
what God couldn’t pardon

And love you’re Adam
the perfect man
before I am
why fall began

When love so sweet
between me and you
first our lips meet
becoming one not two

And love first made
in the softest grass
what’s never to fade
and ever to last

Yes I thank Him
for this second chance
when hope was slim
He gave sweet romance!

Teresa Marie   8/22/11


Gooseberry Garden Picnic Week 1 Offering #3

Hey Darlin’

Hey darlin’ let’s play a game
first let’s change our name

You be Adam, I’ll be Eve
I’ve got something up my sleeve

Here is how we will play
you gotta follow what I say

We’re both still virgins, let’s pretend
 first night together that we spend

Passionate kisses and fumbling fingers
the tingle on my skin lingers

The heated groping way too fast
don’t know how to make it last

On the grass we lay spent
say making love is heaven-sent

In the morning, God we tell
we think this life’s pretty swell!


Teresa Marie   8/22/11


Gooseberry Garden Picnic Week 1 offering #2