Introducing My New Friends; Jeffrey, Gerald and Junior – The Three Headed Dragon

( Before I get into this; dad had to go back into surgery on Tuesday to have a biopsy done on his spine.  He was still experiencing a great deal of pain.  The neurosurgeon took a new CAT scan and the radiologist saw something he didn’t like on it.  I guess we are back to worrying about cancer again?  They said he would get the results back in 3-5 days.  Please keep him in your prayers.
Then today, I got a call from Mark at work, his first week back, working 12 hr days and loading a train today, when he got out of the “tugger” which pulls the train cars down the track, he got light headed and said the next thing he knew, one of the other guys was reaching down to help him up off of the ground.  Once I got him home and called the doctor’s office, he said he felt fine.  Against my objections, he said he just wanted to take a nap then see how he feels.  I’ve checked on him twice to make sure he’s still breathing.  Because of his past alcoholism, he has severe liver damage and sometimes the ammonia builds up too much in his system.  There’s nothing they can really do for him anyway, if that’s what it was, and he just needs to get himself cleaned out.  I’m still gonna try to get him to go to Urgent Care anyway.)

I am giving you all the first look at my latest inspiration.  Jeffrey, Gerald and Junior are the central characters in a new series of clay figures that I will be developing.  I don’t plan on selling them but rather all their little fairyland friends with a mini-story or poem based on their interaction with each other.  (I hope that made sense the way I said it.)

I was reading a blog post on one of the clay web-sites I follow and she was talking about how she has been successful with her store on Etsy.  She has had one central character that she has developed little scenes around (it’s her trademark?) and has just recently added a new one.  So I started thinking about what I could come up with similarly.  Who doesn’t love fairies, pixies, trolls and various woodland creatures?  I always made up bedtime stories for Sara when she was little, which she loved more than the books I read her, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Picture 032 Picture 033 Picture 034 Picture 035 Picture 031 Picture 038 Picture 036 Picture 037

Also, I am posting a picture of the “Fandango Doll” I made a couple weekends ago when we had all of the grandchildren out for the night.  I was so busy helping them with their dolls, which I forgot to get pictures of before then left, that mine sat by the wayside half done until after they had left, lol.  By the time I got back to her, she was already starting to sag on me.  For fear of  overly trying to fix her and messing her up completely, I just did the best I could to salvage her.  I call her “Pearl”.  If you can’t tell, she’s a throwback to the Hippy age.

Picture 028


Free Write Friday Time & Place #2; At Midnight

Goodnight on Fairie Swamp Garden (Photo credit: echoroo)

 Time & Place Scenario
It’s after midnight. You find yourself in an eerie yet, magical swamp. You hear whispering and see flashes of light…
what happens? 

Free Write Friday; Image Prompt; Their Secret

#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

by kellieelmore



Thursday Poets Rally week 68; Spring Fairies

Magical Wonder


Hatching A Plan

A Fairyland

Secret Door

*image source:

Two Kinds; Free Write Friday; Time for a Picker




Free Write Friday; Time for a Picker

by Kellie Elmore