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Joyous Magical Sound

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The Frog’s Joke

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

by frizztext

Falling Fairy

Today I caught a fairy
falling from the sky
’cause I first thought
it was a butterfly

Yet when I looked
down in my hand
the vision that I saw
was hard to understand

And I said to her
“Fairy, please don’t die
for if you really do
I think I would cry!”

I didn’t believe in magic
and all that kinda thing
although one day I thought
I heard the angels sing

Then butterflies came in
and hovered all around
until that tiny fairy
began to make a sound

As she was stirring
she looked up at me
the fear on her face
I could plainly see

Then she jumped up
and quickly flew away
so I believe in fairies
what else can I say?

Teresa Marie  11/8/11

Storybook Fairytales

When I was a child
as many children often do
thought stories of the wild
and fairy tales were true

The unicorn of fable
and the enchanted wood
with fairies always able
working magic for our good

As there the pixies play
all around the ivory tower
where the sleeping princess lay
waiting for the midnight hour 

When her white shining knight
would ride upon his steed
slay the dragon with his might
and with a kiss be freed

How I long that the past
with its simple childish pleasure
throughout this life would last
to enjoy it at our leasure.

Teresa Marie  8/2/11