Life’s Most Excellent Love

For my husband Mark, who stole my heart! & my
Life’s most excellent love~

What Could Be More Fun?

Hummingbird – Haiku

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Lasso The Moon

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Magic Tree

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Sun Shining Bright – Haiku

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Princess and The Derfalings

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There once was a princess
ruling her kingdom of Derfalings

A land with giant creatures
some of them silly things

Who suddenly decided one day
a birthday party to throw

For when it truly was
no one seemed to know

So they planned to have
it to be a surprise

And a crazy excuse did
the four ringleaders then devise 

All went to the princess
saying her help they need

While begging her come along
to their cave with speed

Where others from the kingdom
were already there in hiding

When the princess began asking
what help they needed providing 

 And at that very moment
her subjects sprang out with glee

Presenting her with their gifts
wishing a birthday so happy

Which startled her at first
but then made her cry

As the Derfalings were searching
a tissue her tears to dry

“Thank you all so much
for what you have done

Now come on let’s party
and have a bit of fun!”

Teresa Marie 1/24/12  ©

Going Silly

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I thought my eyes 
were going sorta silly

When I saw rising
up from a lily

Beauty of the morning
a water nymph divine

Feeling it must be
a fantasy of mine

 Or playing tricks on me
could have been the light

 I watched in wonder’s gaiety
as she took off in flight

Twisting and turning around
spinning cartwheels in air

She was the grandest vision
that I had seen anywhere

While I hid from sight
in the bushes tucked away

I found myself wishing
I could stay all day

But mother was calling
which the nymph heard

And so I backed up
not uttering a word

Smiling I skipped home
already planning my return

With hopes the trip would
another sighting of her earn!

Teresa Marie  1/23/12  ©

The Fairy And The Moon

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The fairy and the moon
had a chat one night

Sitting among the clouds
there in the star’s light

About life on the earth
along with this and that

While floating on downy comfort
as they chewed the fat

Discussing how it was
that  silly human beings

Each thought they deserved
the finest of all things

And just at the idea
the both of them laughed

Then moon to fairy said,
“They must all be daft!”

To which the fairy replied,
“I really think it’s sad 

“For what they were given
they should be more glad!” 

Which then caused the moon
to pause for a just minute

When most suddenly he said,
“I don’t think they get it!”

“You know,” the fairy said
you just may be right!

“But do they not hear 
those angels singing tonight?

“Maybe I should go and
make sure that they do!”

As away the little fairy
into the sky then flew

To join the choir of angels
 so she could joyously sing

And tell all of the world
“Give glory to your King!”

Teresa Marie  1/21/12  ©

The Three Pigs Merry

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The three pigs merry
as any pigs could be

Set out one day
their family to see

Along the way together
they all sang happily

 While anxious to visit
their “grammy and pappy”

 Of the wolf ever watchful
were those merry three

Who chased their cousins
around without having mercy

Blowing down their houses
in a huffing spree 

Before those little pigs
could ever get free

But these three siblings
had refused to be

 Afraid of a wolf
when smaller was he

For these particular pigs
were hogs you see

 And much larger than
their cousins by three

The big bad wolf
I think you’d agree

To attack them would
just be plum crazy!

Teresa Marie  1/17/12 ©