Babysitting On Gumdrop River

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With mamaw and papaw babysitting
for the kids one night

Before their eyes they saw
the most tragic of sight

As they were all gazing
up at the starlit sky

And pretending into it
they would up and fly

‘Twas then that the moon
from out of it fell

Which left them standing there
aghast for just a spell

And so ’twas they decided
to sail down gumdrop river 

To retrieve that fallen moon
which was but a sliver

When it was not far
this little troop had gone

Down the darkened waters
sailing on a swan

They did come to find
what they were searching for

And lifted up that sliver
of moon to sky restore

As the children still awake
all shouted out in glee

That they’d be the heroes
to go down in history 

While mamaw and papaw smiled
at the children’s joyous glow

A memory for all time
  e’re that they would know

As they turned the swan around
and headed back for home

They discussed of what adventures
over which the world to comb!

Teresa Marie  1/20/12 ©


Sun and Moon

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The sun and the moon
had a fight one day

For moon and stars
wanted out to play

But the sun was trying
to keep them all away

“I’m not going down yet!”
to them the sun did say


“It is our turn now
for coming of the night!”

Moon to the sun replied
who kept on shining bright

“I really do not know
why you’re causing a fight

But I think it’s time
to tell the world goodnight!” 


As the birds chirped in
and gave a mournful cry

“The sun can’t go down
when we still wanna fly!”

And then the sun refused
to give up the sky

Which did the moon’s patience
more than a little try


A star began to whisper
quietly into the moon’s ear

As moon to sun said,
“Of this let me be clear

If you don’t go down
then I do greatly fear

All you little birdies will
have no food next year!”


The sun stopped his pushing
’cause the truth he knew

 That he had no choice
for go down he must do

And then everyone was happy
no more fighting would ensue

As sun told the moon
“A very goodnight to you!”

Teresa Marie  1/19/12  ©

The Frog & The Fairy

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The frog and the fairy
one day did converse

On why none were merry
in the magical universe

A wicked witch did very
their land of wonder curse

Feeding all a poison berry
how could it be any worse?

“I think I might know,”
the fairy did say

“Where we should go
to find out the way!”

But a foul wind did blow
as the sky turned gray

The evil power to show
of the witch that day

 Who was hovering near
and listening to those two

Just so she could hear
what they planned to do

When it became clear
that the fairy knew

The more and more fear
in the witch then grew

As suddenly the frog went
re-deep, re-deep, re-deep

 And fairy knew he meant
the secret she must keep

As the kingdom spent
a little time asleep

The wizard could prevent
the spell to further creep

Frog took fairy’s hand
into the sky they flew

For they did understand
now what they should do

To save all the land
and put an end to

What the witch had planned
and her evil spell undo!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 ©



Dilly the Dragon

One day Dilly the dragon
sat with her tail waggin’

While staring at a flower
hour after hour after hour

Waiting for it to open
without her ever once mopin’

The other dragons thought Dilly
was acting pretty darn silly

‘Til hearing her delighted cries
when the flower opened its eyes

And they all ran to see
the greatness of its beauty

But by the time they’d come
the blooming was over and done

And left Dilly alone to sing
of the joy the flower did bring!

Teresa Marie  1/10/12 ©

A lesson in patience

Fairytale Wishes

Cotton candy and fairytale wishes

Dreams of learning to fly

Popcorn and ice cream dishes

As clouds go floating by





Dancing fairies and butterflies

In little girls’ imaginations

All the fantasies they devise

Have no need of explanations








Pixies, imps and elves

Are born for kids to see

From books taken off shelves

Coming to life in their fantasy






When my mother would say

What us kids should do

Was just go on and play

My books I would run to







And read of  maidens defenseless

That into the imagination tapped

As the poor waiting princess

Was alone in a tower trapped






Yes magical worlds and fairy tales

To each and every child gives

A place where nothing ever stales

and the wildest fantasy lives!

Teresa Marie  1/1/12  ©

A Spot Of Tea

Image Credit: Chance of Sunshine: Cinderella On Her Tea Break
Cinderella took a break
to have a spot of tea
When a little birdie spake
as normal as can be
“I was just flying along
and spotted you down here
Could you sing me a song
if you’d be so dear?”
Which came as quite a shock
to Cinderella at the time
No that the bird did talk
but instead how he did rhyme
“I don’t want to seem dense
or anything of the such
Yet it doesn’t make any sense
to me all that much
Why would a song bird
want for me to sing
When a melody should be heard
in the tune you’re warbling?”
“Alas because I have no choice
for there’s a problem you see
I recently have lost my voice
and no warble’s left in me!”
As the birdie began to cry
Cinderella’s heart was broken
She said she’d give a try
then realized that he had spoken
“Now just wait one minute,
what’s this game you play?
If you’ve no voice in it
how did those words you say?”
Birdie then hung his head
and shook it to and fro
“Well the truth is,” he said,
“you won’t believe me I know!
But a wicked old witch has
cast a spell on me
And so a bonnie lass
must sing to set me free!”
“Oh you silly little thing
why didn’t you just say so
Of course for you I’ll sing
and back to yourself you’ll go!”
As Cinderella sang strong and clear
birdie became a prince no less
Who then said, “Marry me dear!”
 now Cinderella is his princess!
Teresa Marie  12/20/11 ©

Once In A While

If we are very blessed
in this life we live

That is all just ordinary
God to us will give

Every once in a while
what we did not expect

And in our wildest dreams
would have least suspect

But a knight in shining armor
will from out of nowhere sail

Into the middle of our life
and give us the fairytale

Bringing gifts of love
to forever then bloom

And lift us up out of
this world of such gloom!

Teresa Marie  9/10/11

To my Lancelot!  I love you Mark forever.

Dance With Me

Come with me dance
my sugar plum fairy

While we’ve the chance
let us be merry

While the snow falls
’round the sugar tree

Before winter’s end calls
dance sugar plum fairy

In your ballet sweet
through the snow glide

With bows we meet
prancing side to side

Comes the final dip
when our dance is done

As away we slip
with the setting sun.