A Gnome Alone

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

‘Twas far from home
that the little gnome
found himself all alone
in the forest to roam 

“Oh dear, oh dear,”
he thought in fear
when it became clear
no one was near


Then began the snow
to grow and grow
before long he didn’t know
which way he should go


When Birdies in a tree
the shivering gnome did see
with each other did agree
up there he should be


Down one of them flew
while saying “Hey there you
your face is turning blue
and your hair’s frozen too!” 


“Up with us do climb.”
to him a thought divine
their warmth he found sublime
and fell asleep in no time!


Teresa Marie  1/21/12 ©



No Monsters Here

(image source: latoro.com)

When the “princess” Penny
banned monsters from living

In her fantasy kingdom
her rule was unforgiving

And she would often
go out on patrol

From the highest hill
and checking in every hole

Penny showed no tolerance
for a monster anywhere

Nor would show kindness
when finding any there

So when she happened
to come upon Benny

With a scowling face
did the “princess” Penny

Take a tight grip
there upon his tail

And the poor monster
let out a loud wail

“Right this very minute
I’m ordering you out!”

Did the mean ol’ Penny
at the shaken Benny shout!

For he hadn’t succeeded
very well to hide

As he wiped the tears
and his face dried

“Please your highest highness
if you allow me

I’ll be best protection
your kingdom could ever see!!”

Which gave the “princess”
another train of thought

And after a just minute
decided that she ought

So an agreement ’twas
made between the two

That Benny got to stay
for his whole life through!

Teresa Marie  12/21/11 ©

A lesson in tolerance and cooperation


Kings and Queens and Fairytale Books

In childhood I began
with reading fairytale books

Of kings and queens
with maids and cooks

Of gleaming white knights
and princes on steeds

Riding to the rescue
and performing great deeds

With the beautiful princess
that he must save

And winning her heart
being ever so brave

Of bridges and trolls
and billy goats three

With an evil gin
using magic on me

In this place here
formed by imagination

The world is free
of a logical explanation


Where everything is how
I want it to be

Like a dragon reading
bedtime stories to me

Real life is not
truly ever so grand

And too often find 
it’s hard to understand

But in fairytale worlds
my escape I find

And for a moment
gain peace of mind

Before I must handle
that which is real

Off to my book
I often do steal

Yet I can’t avoid
all my problems forever

Now it’s time to go
and the storms to weather!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11


Catching Bugs

Once into the wood
out I had set
 with a couple of jars
and my little net

I thought I’d go
catch me some bugs
I had one moth
and a couple of slugs

But then I saw
or I thought so
the light of a firefly
starting to glow

So with my net
I chased it around
until I trapped it
against the soft ground

When I opened a jar
and dropped it in
my jaw fell open
as air I sucked in

To let out a whistle
for what was there
was not a bug
I do declare

But rather a fairy
stared back at me
from inside that jar
in complete misery

I saw her crying
and started to pout
when I realized I must
let her back out

I grasped the lid
and twisted it slow
as I wiped a tear
before more could go

I said to her
“Go on, you’re free”
then she flew out
and sat on  my knee

We became friends
as we talked
flying beside me
while home I walked

She comes every night
just to see me
right through the window
in my fantasy!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11

Come And Fly


Come and fly

Away with me

Into my world

Of pure fantasy

We can go

Have some fun

Your cares will wait

Until we’re done

Then we can play

A minute or two

Where there’s nothing

That we can’t do

Come let’s go

Fly up high

As the stars

In the sky

Escape your woes

Be wild and free

In my world

Of fantasy!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11

Run Little Darlin’

Just run my little darlin’
right into my open arms
I’ll swoop you off to Neverland
with all its magic charms

When to there with Tinkerbell
we will go to fly
up higher and higher
into the clear blue sky

We’ll play with Peter Pan
and all of the lost  boys
as Wendy bring us out
some of all their toys

We’ll dance with the indians
then with the mermaids swim
for there we can do anything
we fancy with each whim

Just imagine any kind of food
that we dearly love to eat
as it appears before our eyes
and we take our dinner seat

When the nighttime rolls in
there are hammocks in the trees
where we’re gently rocked to sleep
by the cool summer breeze

And as you drift to sleep
in your real room and bed
sweet dreams of all these things
will be running through your head.

Teresa Marie   8/6/11