The Raven Speaks

Demon Son

When I Fell


When it was 

that I fell

out of heaven 

and into hell

Was no longer

proud and strong

filled with remorse

for choosing wrong


Doomed now to

torture the earth

until the day

of its rebirth

When there’ll be

a final end

to the pain

that I send

As all mankind 

His glories see

when He comes

Lord of Divinity 

You’ll pay Him

the worship due

for the eternity

He’s given you!

Teresa Marie  1/5/12 ©

Halo Fallen- A Hay(na)ku




Halo fallen


Oh my soul!


Teresa Marie  12/13/11  ©

My Hell To Pay

My hell to pay
each and every day

All sins to mourn
bringing shame and scorn

In this eternal cold
cut from the fold

Pleasing in God’s sight
I did always fight

Which brought me here
now it’s all clear

That I didn’t do
what you’re supposed to

And I must pay
by reliving every day!

Teresa Marie  9/27/11

To Awake In Darkness

Oh God, I’m so afraid

‘Cause whatever did I do

To awake in this darkness?

Just don’t have a clue

In my nakedness I hide

From the demons out there

Who prowl around for me

When they’re looking everywhere

Why am I in hell?

Dear God, please tell me

Get me out of here

Before it’s me they see!

But God is not listening

His face He has turned

When our sin’s not confessed

Our advances are then spurned

When He is not put first

Or even a second thought

And ask something of Him

What makes us think He ought?

If through life we go

And the Lord we ignore

When hell we’re condemned to

Why would we expect more?

Teresa Marie   9/17/11

The Haunting Image

I have an certain image
that has been haunting me

Where there are two angels
in it that I see

First is an evil one
who’s pulling me away

From the one that’s good
who’s telling me to stay

One side holds the Light
the other a black hole

Back and forth they battle
for possession of my soul

 I can hear myself screaming
for the evil has won

But the good holds on
saying, “Wait, I’ve just begun!”

All the while I’m begging
“Angel, please don’t let go!”

“It’s your choice,” she answers,
“as it was always so.”

Teresa Marie   8/30/11