Wizard (Haiku)

image source: fantasyartdesigns.com

He stands before me

the wizard of forest green

as one never seen!

Teresa Marie  12/28/11  ©


On My Private Island – Free Write Friday

image source: dreamworlds.ru

In my fantasy world
is my private island

Where everything is easy
for me to understand

Unlike the one here
when in all reality

Becomes way too much
to bear in its totality

I make my escape
to a magical kingdom

Where I have rule
over what does come

For it is there
that I am free

To be anyone that
I want to be

And on this Island
a joyous life live

Far from the one
of give, give, give

In my fantasy kingdom
everyone is kind

When I am there
I have peace of mind

Although I cannot stay
on this island forever

I find that when there 
 any storm  I can weather

So I make sure
regularly to visit

And I really don’t think 
that’s so bad, is it?

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©




In The Heart Of The City

Let’s build a world
of our own fantasy
here in the heart
of the bustling city

    With angels and fairies
    a swan and a frog
    maybe even a gnome
    sitting on a log

A little sail ship
could bring us food
right in the middle
of the old neighborhood

    As people pass by
   they will probably stare
   Don’t know about you
   but I wouldn’t care

‘Cause it is happy
we would then be
even though we live
here in the city!

Teresa Marie  9/20/11

Fantasy Party

It was my birthday
and the party time
But nobody came
it was a crime

So I went outside
by the old tree
And took my book
to make a fantasy

My own pretend guests
did I then invite
I think you’ll agree
they were a sight

There’s good ole’ Abe
reading along with me
And we had cop to
keep us invader free

With my own version
of dinosaur to ride
We’ll play some games
my turn to hide

For hours and hours
we will party down
and this party hat
will be my crown

Nobody else can come
to my private party
 what fun they’ll miss
for them dissing me!

Teresa Marie  9/18/11