Story Challenge: Letter “F”

Story Challenge: Letter “F”

by frizztext

What You Do With It

My Apology For Neglect To You All

In the past few weeks I have gone between being sick, dealing with emergency situations with my child and back to sick again.

On days that I have had time to do something other than: pack some posts in and give you things to read for the sick days; stay off the phone with attorney and various others; run around doing court stuff and being sick, I have tried to stop by and visit everyone.  Whether they are subscribers, commentors, or a combination of both, I really mean to get back with you other than just in reply to you comment.

I have, at least, been vigilant at that one.  I have commitments with some of my linked sites that I don’t know for sure at some times whether or not I achieved what I was supposed to.  I honestly do my very best but in the last month I’ve gotten confused about some things.

Juggling too many things and being sick in between wreaks havoc with my MS brain.

Therefore, I felt compelled to write you all this general notice to apologize to those that I may have slighted and made you feel less than worthy of my attention.  Or you might have not even noticed but I know there are some, especially in the last week or so.

Please forgive me!  I treasure you all and appreciate your patience with me.  I have been trying to backtrack but that’s not working out too well either 😦   I apologize from the bottom of my heart!!

I appreciate and am most grateful for each and every one of you who visits me for any reason, thank you!

Peace, love and blessings to all,

PS.  Sometimes I sign my comments with P,l,b (or some variation) – that means peace, love, blessings just so you know.

Inside You’re Bleeding

Do you wanna be somebody else?
Sick of feeling so left out?
Hate when they think that you
don’t know what you’re talking about?

Are you desperate to find something
more before your life is over?
Wanna stare up at the rainbows
while lying in fields of clover?

Are you sick of everyone around?
Wish they would leave you alone
with the big fake smiles that
look like they’re chiseled in stone?

There’s no one that really cares
what it is you are needing
 all you get’s their superior lies
while deep down inside you’re bleeding!

Sara Jayne & Teresa Marie   11/15/11


Thursday Poets Rally Week 56 submission:


Fishy, Fishy

Anja tapped her pen against the desk impatiently. Only one hour had passed since she had started work. The expansive office was too cold for her liking, the dumbstruck fish in the aquarium continued to ogle at her and her useless colleague was always asking for help. A fish in the aquarium caught her eye, it was not moving but instead staring, or appeared to do so. Was this the height of her career, staring at a fish? Those big, ambitious and naive plans of the 20-something year old she used to be had been punctured long ago, the remnants leaking disappointment. Pathetically, she could see herself in that dumbstruck fish. She blinked and lost sight of the fish that had first caught her eye, they all looked the same and she could not distinguish one from the other. Desperately she searched, her eyes burned with tears, had she too been swept away as a nobody?

– Ermisenda Alvarez 

Oh fishy, fishy
what could it be
that you see
when looking at me?

Does it occur
that we’re a blur
am I obscure
or are you unsure?

Oh fishy, fishy
wish I could be
a little fishy
out in the sea

I’d swim away
in light of day
from this decay
of our society today

Oh fishy, fishy
just to be free
would probably be
your wish same as me!

Teresa Marie  10/30/11


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