Friday’s Verse From Galatians

The Sweet Exchange




Your tall sleek body
held next to mine
radiates a warmth
that’s so divine

The sweet exchange
of our flesh
when it’s together 
our bodies mesh

As a hand
in a glove
we are joined
in our love

The exquisite passion
contained in kisses
when we’re apart
my mouth misses

For the expression
of my soul
is you forever
make it whole

Hunger for you
when you’re away
until your arms
hold me sway

You once again
sweet love give
It’s for you Darling
that I do live!

Teresa Marie  9/30/11
For my husband Mark, the love of my life! 
Thank You Lord!!

 My first submission for “Free Write Fridays” at   Week 7 Theme: Love and Love lost, Submission #3