Butterfly Angel

‘Twas a beautiful day
to go for a spin

Just to drive away
made me wanna grin

To no particular place
were we gonna go

No need to race
time to go slow

As we went along
a flower patch we passed

Felt there I belong
where no worry could last

Then rubbed my eyes
thought, “This just can’t be!”

Amidst the excited cries
said, “Honey, look and see!”

A beautiful angel appeared
with her butterfly friends

As her image cleared
I prayed it never ends

We stopped the car to
watch the angel there

Until the time came due
and they went into air

As they had disappeared
then my spouse I told

“Those daily things I’ve feared
no longer have a hold

Thank You, Lord,” I prayed
“for allowing me to see

What the price you paid
has brought for eternity!”

Teresa Marie  9/4/11