Into Glory


Into Glory

Of the Divine

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©

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I Wanted To Fly Instead

The mouldy wood creaked underneath my worn leather shoes. With arms outstretched I wondered what bones I would break if I fell into the flowing creek in the midst of winter. The delicate yet mocking sound of sparrows littered the air and I gritted my teeth. A shriek echoed through the woods and I knew it was my foster-mother. What did my real mother and father feel when they left me? Was it just like this, except with pills? I didn’t understand what was so tempting about the fall. I lifted my gaze up to the blinding sky, I didn’t want to fall I wanted to fly instead. My foster-mother grasped me by the shoulders with brutality.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

Not wanting to be dead
but rather to fly instead

I wouldn’t go back there
no one would even care

Except for the money lost
their cookies that would frost

With me feeling kinda sick
 gave that woman a kick

And she lost her grip
as I turned my hip

Then my middle finger rose
the wind blew my clothes

While smiling at that grump
from the rail I jump

And for a second flew
then only blackness I knew

Until there came a light
feeling no need to fight

Let it pull me in
to the peace found therein!

Teresa Marie  10/9/11

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