Joyful Song – Haiku

Recently received Award from Hyde Park Poetry (formerly Poetry Palace):

Thank you so much!!


On a tightrope I race
through the air and space
while they attempt to displace
the truth to my disgrace

Lie upon lie they add
trying their story to pad
when the reality’s so sad
that they’re all barking mad

One day ’twill be known
when light of day’s shone
on how it has all grown
in the mind of one alone

Let the battle be won
when all’s said and done
in truth what was begun
has been seen by everyone

For God has rescued me
through my life’s history
just as now will He
from this tightrope set me free!

Teresa Marie  11/22/11

What’s It Gonna Take?

Why can’t I get a break?
What is it gonna take?
Please God don’t me forsake
won’t You give me a break?

I keep paying for you
whom I wish I never knew
the pain I’ve gone through
was all because of you

What you’ve done to me
has been such a travesty
seems I can’t get free
’cause you never let

One day you will get
what you deserve I’ll bet
when God’s judgement is set
and tri-fold my pain you get!

Teresa Marie  11/15/11

To Everyone You Meet

Just to give one smile
 only takes a little while

To everyone that you meet
as you walk down the street

Because you do not know
as through this life you go

What they have been through
or what they have to do

And they might need a smile
to carry them that extra mile

As it becomes a treasure
that is without any measure

Now show them a bit of
our God in heaven’s love

Then you just might see
what you get for free

With that act of kindness
that’s so easy to express!

Teresa Marie   5/20/11