Short Story Slam Week 23; Watching Clouds

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Earth Angel

I wrote this yesterday to my wonderful Attorney and thought that I would share it with you as well!  Hope you enjoy it.

Friday’s Thought From Charles F. Banning

What Lies Behind?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful


the place

where You are


from You

I’ve wandered far


me home

my Faithful Friend


find peace

in You again

Teresa Marie  1/13/12 © 



Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

by frizztext

Life is a Battlefield

Life is a battlefield
that awaits us all

From the day we’re born
’til unto death we fall

Whatever is that lies
there in the between

May only day-to-day
by anyone be seen

Whether in a skirmish
or a full-out war

We are all fighting
to gain a little more

More money, more cars
more homes, more land

With wealth and prestige
comes the upper hand

Yes, life is a battlefield
that if we don’t win

‘Tis the time that may
our hell on earth begin

For the ultimate goal of
war is land and money

Fought over piles of dirt
and all the bees honey

 This is how our society
from sea to shining sea

Has always been taught
is the way to be

But I must truly say
I’ve thrown my greedy lots

Trying to bridge the gap
between the have’s and have-nots

When I found myself
worse off than before

For money’s not the thing
that someone should adore

The battles that we fight
one into another blur

Until our life is gone
and I think you may concur

If we put that effort
rather into family and friend

We’ll actually be the richest
of all in the end!

Teresa Marie  12/29/11  © 

Friend – Saturday’s Limerick To Make You Smile

Time has come, my friend,

For us to round the next bend

Not the kids we used to be

We’ve grown up, you and me,

Into a love that’s without end!

Teresa Marie  12/10/11

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Family Is

me, baby sitting, photo by my wife Barbara at FrizzText

“family is realizing to be in a long line..”

and a glorious gift from the Divine

family is the sanctuary from any doubt

if a friend in the world you are without

family is knowing that long as I live

I always have someone my love to give…

Teresa Marie  11/25/11


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

by frizztext

 I know that forever I will go on

for these to me do belong

It Only Takes Just One

It only takes just one
look to crush a man
can be done many times
in just one  life span

It only takes just one
short hour to like someone
and then at the end
a new friend you’ve won

It only takes just one
day to love a man
to be with for life
if according to God‘s plan

But it will take one
lifetime to forget a love
when that person is all
you can ever think of

So this you must remember
as you live each day
it only takes one
somewhere along the way!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11

My Imaginary Friend

When I’m with
my imaginary friend
His long neck
he does bend

A kiss to plant
on my cheek
Which does tickle
and I squeak

Makes me laugh
he’s so funny
My best friend
is a dino-bunny

With a dinosaur’s neck
and stout body too
He will most anything
I ask him do

He has bunny ears
with a bunny tail
As a best friend
he does not fail

Together we giggle
’til we’re in tears
And he chases away
all of my fears

I see him
most every day
Outside we go
play and play

We always do have
the most incredible time
To give him up
would be a crime

My best friend
he’ll always be
This half dinosaur
and half bunny!

Teresa Marie  9/16/11