The Frog’s Joke

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I Was A Frog

Dreamed one night
I was a frog

Living out in
a celery bog

Came swimming out
from under a log

In the dim light
of heavy fog


Re-deep was all
that I could say

As I swam
along the way

When to a fish
I became the prey

Fighting to live
for another day


The only thing
left  to do

Was to hide
from his view

So that log
I crawled onto

As he swam on
I thought “whew!”


Then I woke up
from that crazy dream

With a big jump
and a re-deep scream

‘Twas to me
it did seem

A frog’s life
isn’t peaches & cream!

 Teresa Marie  1/19/12 ©



The Frog & The Fairy

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The frog and the fairy
one day did converse

On why none were merry
in the magical universe

A wicked witch did very
their land of wonder curse

Feeding all a poison berry
how could it be any worse?

“I think I might know,”
the fairy did say

“Where we should go
to find out the way!”

But a foul wind did blow
as the sky turned gray

The evil power to show
of the witch that day

 Who was hovering near
and listening to those two

Just so she could hear
what they planned to do

When it became clear
that the fairy knew

The more and more fear
in the witch then grew

As suddenly the frog went
re-deep, re-deep, re-deep

 And fairy knew he meant
the secret she must keep

As the kingdom spent
a little time asleep

The wizard could prevent
the spell to further creep

Frog took fairy’s hand
into the sky they flew

For they did understand
now what they should do

To save all the land
and put an end to

What the witch had planned
and her evil spell undo!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 ©