Party – Wednesday’s Limerick

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Yes, we are gonna pardy
and do it really hardy
come on and join in
let the dancing begin
and you’d better not be tardy!!

Teresa Marie  1/4/12 © 



Hide – Monday’s Limerick

We’re playing hide and seek
he said he wouldn’t peek
I don’t think that he
will ever find me
but I gotta take a leak!! 

Teresa Marie  1/2/12 ©



Blessings of The Irish – Ist Limerick of 2012

If they love us, may we know
if they don’t, may it show
then as we run our race
and they must give us chase
they’ll be way too slow!

Teresa Marie  1/1/2012 ©

Plz – Saturday’s Other Limerick

At the word bitch I don’t sneeze
but I hope that everyone agrees
when you see the kitten’s backup
it really does crack you up
’cause I dropped to my knees!!

Teresa Marie  12/31/11 © 


Haha! – Monday’s Limerick


Haha!  And it is so
before we could know
we do meet again
my fine-looking frien’
with joy to overflow!

Teresa Marie  12/26/11 © 


Annoying? – Thursday’s Other Limerick

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Would this be found
as an annoying sound?
What if I keep doing it
will you throw a big fit
and stomp me in the ground?

Teresa Marie  12/15/11 ©


Melvassis – Thursday’s Limerick

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There was a caterpillar named Melvassis
who wore these big round glasses
and when he went out to play
all the other bugs would say
“Come on!  You’re slow as molasses!”

Teresa Marie  12/15/11 ©