The Weirdest Thing

One day I saw
just the weirdest thing

Down a dirt road
as I was walking

And then I came
upon a little clearing

Where the voices of
children I began hearing

As the sound of
them I was nearing

They seemed so sweet
to my heart endearing

Until I could hear
what they were singing

The words I heard
the wind was bringing

“Ring around the bunny
you look so funny!”

Then down to them
I just began running

For all those children
my hand was gunning

Just then the bunny
thanked me for coming

And my minded reeled
as it was numbing

“This can’t be real!”
my thoughts were screaming

That’s when I woke up
thank God I was dreaming!

Teresa Marie  9/25/11



Whew, What A Dream!

Must be some kind
of acid trip dream
with a centipede pulling
a cart it seem

In it was riding
this huge old baby
and he was whipping
the centipede like crazy

Though I took acid
twice and no more
I had never had
any flashbacks before

And that huge baby
just kept whipping away
“I’ve gotta wake up!”
all I could say

Just as his head
turned looking at me
my mind and body
with each other agree

I then awoke to
the sound of screaming
and said, “Thank God!
I was only dreaming!!”

Teresa Marie  9/25/11