Saturday’s Verse From Isaiah 51

Wicked Generation – Revisited

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Oh you wicked generation
who has turned away,
what will you then
at your judgment say?

“But I didn’t know,
’cause nobody told me”, 
 when you wouldn’t hear 
and you wouldn’t see.

You deny the Truth 
when in front of you   
because you just refuse 
My commands to do.

When the end does come, 
you will see My face
as you stand before 
My throne in your disgrace!

And what of your sins,
for which you can’t lie 
when I’ll see each one
of them before you die?

There’ll be no excuse, 
nor any good reason. 
Know, as with everything, 
there is but a season.

Will a wasted life alone
be what’s in your hand? 
Will you hang your head
 when before Me you stand?

Or rather be the one 
who does hold it high
as I say, “Well done!”, 
and your praises cry?

Don’t you want to be 
as the good, wise son 
who changed his wicked ways 
before his life was done?

Teresa Marie
8/18/10 – 2/1/12 ©

Smack In The Middle

Smack in the middle

My life’s a riddle


Little girl among boys

With baby doll toys


As the song plays

I continue to fiddle


With the lyrics trying

To adjust them a little


For these blessed are

The progeny of me


I want to dance

As the fiddlers three 

So when to thoughts

of me they turn


They remember this tune

from me they learn


 And I pray they will

with a smile  pass along


 The new words of lyrics

they’ve added my song


As through our generations

this one to the next


There will come another

to add their own text


And so my life’s song

will be without end


As long as another

comes ’round the next bend!


Teresa Marie  12/12/11

I love you all, my babies!!!!

Week 17 Theme:

Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families

Memories Not In Photographs

 The memories not in photographs

are made of the tears and the laughs

Of the wedding bell days

kept in black, white and grays

   When your loved ones are

    spread out near and far 

Held of cousins and friends

of loves without ends

without the crumples and bends

and no need for pretends

Those of sisters and brothers

born of their fathers and mothers

All the nephews and nieces

that are loved to pieces

All through the generations

the joys and devastations


Every moment do we weather

as a family joined together

When a life is gone

we miss those passed on

And I will not lie

at times I still cry

As mine will for me

when my time I see


But will forever be

held in their memory

for this is the family

that belongs to me!

Teresa Marie  12/11/11

Week 17 Theme:

Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families