Either It Is Or It Ain’t

Love either is or it ain’t
to be given without complaint

For no love can be thin
if there’s a return you’ll win

‘Cause that’s no kind at all
into which another can ever fall

A true love must be grand
for the test of time to stand 

You must give love without measure
to the one whose heart you treasure!

Teresa Marie   6/12/11

Where Does It End And Begin?

It has been an unusual few days for me, as I said in my Wednesday daily post, and thoughts keep running through my head about this question:  Where does pride and selfishness end and love and charity begin?

I think that it may be an issue of the heart, mind and will.  Why?  Because I see it like this:

1) Heart – If your heart is closed off, cold, calloused, empty, etc., then you have no conscious thought of love, kindness, charity, selflessness and so forth.  If you are without love from another in your life, you have no impulse to show love.  If people have been unkind to you, in turn you become unkind.  On this earth, we are what has been shown to us, i.e. learning by example.

When we are without the understanding of the love there is to be found in the Trinity, all we have to base our reality on is this world that knows not the things of the Spirit nor can conceive the joy to be found living in the reality of everything that is encompassed in the fullness of that unconditional love.       (I hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to my M.S. brain.)

A heart never really changes until love has entered it, and I mean both ways.  It cannot become open, caring, kind, generous, etc., until it learns how.  Opportunity makes our reality.

2) Mind – The mind is a powerful thing, as we all well know.  It thinks, acts and reacts impulsively and of its own volition.  For example: we don’t tell our lungs to breathe in and out or tell our legs to move so we can walk or tell our immune system to fight off an infection.  It is all done automatically (unless you have a disease such as mine where those impulses are interrupted or broken.)  We take all of these things for granted because we don’t have to consciously think about them.  God did good when He created the human body didn’t He?

In addition to the physical, the psychological aspect pretty much works in the same fashion.  As with the heart, learned behavior is indelibly etched in our minds and our actions and reactions are driven by what has been put there.  Again, for example: a child who lives with abuse is most likely going to become an abuser or will grow up to be an abused adult and a child raised in a house of love and faith becomes an adult who is loving and has  a firm spiritual foundation.  What does the Bible say?  Raise up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he shall not depart from it.  It’s something like that and wonderfully true.

We, however, can also unlearn behavior and change our minds, so to speak.  When we see that our actions/reactions are wrong or out of whack with what they should be, we are able to change them if we consciously decide to.  Those are things that we control and influence.

3) Will – And that’s where will comes in.  If we are willing to change, we most certainly can.  Isn’t that what all life is anyway, change?  We change every day both physically and mentally.  It’s of our own volition and not.  Life is made up of choices.  We make them every minute of every hour, whether they be good ones or not.  The will is fully under our control and is a powerful force to be reckoned with.  Our will can drive the outcome of our life on this earth and into the next.  If we are willing, so is God!

Just some thoughts that I couldn’t get past until I put them out there for your consideration and feedback.  I choose to be a person of faith, to act with love, kindness and generosity and not with selfishness, thoughtlessness or mean-spirited behavior.  What do you choose?  Have a blessed and prosperous day!

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Be kind to somebody today and see how great it feels,
Teresa Marie

The Happiest People

“The Happiest people DO NOT necessarily have the ‘BEST’ THINGS. 
They simply APPRECIATE the things they have.”   – Warren Buffet,
the world’s second richest man who has donated $31 billion to charity.

The happiest of all people are
those the most generous by far.

They rarely have the “best” things
no fur coats or diamond rings.

They only desire what they need
and do not fall into greed.

They’re people who really do live
with a heart to only give.

They’re not ones to ever take
nor the helpless do they forsake.

With a hand always ready to
do whatever they can do.

What they have they will share
go beyond what they can spare.

Even when their wealth is great
with generosity they do compensate.

And when they have much less
they’re equally willing others to bless.

Why?  Because that’s the key to true happiness!

Teresa Marie   4-12-11

When Any Love is True

“True love does everything for the benefit of the one who is loved.”  – Harold J. Chadwick

When any love is true
it influences all you do.

And everything that you see
changes that “only for me”,

Into there being “the one”
who’s everything under the sun,

And makes your heart beat
faster each time you meet.

When it’s all that you can
think of since it began,

To only meet their needs
with tiny but loving deeds.

When it becomes full blown
and you see how it’s grown,

Then you know your love’s true
’cause they matter more than you!

Teresa Marie   4/12/11