A Wonderful Thing – Hay(na)ku


is such
a wonderful thing

of life
to most anything

we allow
it to soar

open up
worlds to explore

given gifts
we shouldn’t spare

rather with
the world share

Teresa Marie  1/1/12 © 


In My Enchanted World

In my enchanted world
fairies are always there

They fly around me
from out of nowhere

Many glad tidings do
they bring to me

Come with different gifts
from each little fairy

They make me happy
when I am sad

My enchanted world is
best to be had

When the real one
brings too much pain

This world of imagination
does always me sustain!

Teresa Marie  10/2/11

Angelic Love

To love for the sake
of being loved is human
With every day we wake
the fires of love we fan

But that kind of love
is just one little taste
of what there is above
that we miss in our haste

To love for the sake
of nothing but to love
then it does us make
as the angelic ones above

It is a gift we give
to others as we go
through this life we live
for the love of God to know!

Teresa Marie  8/7/11

They May Forget


Children are a precious gift
we are given from above
in our arms them to lift
and smother with our love

They’re wide-eyed and innocent
it is us that they adore
No matter what you meant
although you don’t keep score

Even when they may forget
the words that you said
On their hearts it’ll set
with the feelings they inbed

So choose your words with care
in everything that you say
to those gifts you have there
looking up to you today.

Teresa Marie  6/9/11