Is Anyone Home?

A Gnome Alone

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‘Twas far from home
that the little gnome
found himself all alone
in the forest to roam 

“Oh dear, oh dear,”
he thought in fear
when it became clear
no one was near


Then began the snow
to grow and grow
before long he didn’t know
which way he should go


When Birdies in a tree
the shivering gnome did see
with each other did agree
up there he should be


Down one of them flew
while saying “Hey there you
your face is turning blue
and your hair’s frozen too!” 


“Up with us do climb.”
to him a thought divine
their warmth he found sublime
and fell asleep in no time!


Teresa Marie  1/21/12 ©


In The Heart Of The City

Let’s build a world
of our own fantasy
here in the heart
of the bustling city

    With angels and fairies
    a swan and a frog
    maybe even a gnome
    sitting on a log

A little sail ship
could bring us food
right in the middle
of the old neighborhood

    As people pass by
   they will probably stare
   Don’t know about you
   but I wouldn’t care

‘Cause it is happy
we would then be
even though we live
here in the city!

Teresa Marie  9/20/11