A Scripture Passage for Your Wednesday From Luke

In Your Boat




by frizztext


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(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

Light versus dark

Good versus bad

Kind versus mean

Happy versus sad

Holy versus evil

Wanton versus chaste

Gentle versus Callous

Patience versus haste 

Virtue versus wicked

Love versus hate

Always two sides

There’s  no debate

But what does

Fall upon you

Is the choice

What you do

One or another

pick your side

Where your soul

Ever shall abide!

Teresa Marie  12/21/11 © 

The Witches War

Once there were two witches
one good and other bad

That on one fine day
a war of magic had

For the wicked one said
to the one of good

“You won’t beat me
and you never could”

The white witch replied
“Good always triumphs evil

Save us both the time
and yourself the upheaval”

So that’s the way it was
as back and forth they went

Until every bit of magic
both of them had almost spent

When the good witch said
“I will now defeat you”

The wicked one sneered back
“Yeah, when pigs fly too!”

The good witch replied smiling
“I can arrange for that”

As over a pig flew
knocking off the wicked’s hat

“Good always triumphs evil
just exactly as I said”

While the pig broke into singing
“Ding-dong the witch is dead!”

Teresa Marie  12/9/11









We were created emotional creatures
with many facets and features

From one to the other sides
we easily cross the divides

We are happy or sad
can be peaceful or mad

We’re either woeful or glad
can be good or bad

What it boils down to
in everything we go through

There is a side to choose
and with one we lose!

Teresa Marie  11/13/11


A Dark Side

We all do possess
a much darker side
That is only waiting
 for the first tide

 When our anger is
way out of control
For in our rage
does it become whole

That it may then
overcome what is good
Making us say things
that we never should

And do the things
we normally don’t do
As the darker side
takes power over you

But the choice does
belong to us all
If on the tide
we rise or fall

For our anger we
must keep in check
This is what God
does from us expect

That the good side
may overcome the dark
We must hold fast
to our Divine spark!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

Love? What Is Love?


Love, love, love
what is love
if not given
from God above?

Can be good
can be bad
makes you happy
makes you sad

Love can hurt
it can heal
and most certainly
your heart steal

Can be right
can be wrong
 make you feel
that you belong

Love can shrink
or can grow
it depends on
what you sow

It can be
so many things
and something different
to each it brings

Love can ripen
or it stales
but when it true
love never fails!

Teresa Marie   9/3/11


The Haunting Image

I have an certain image
that has been haunting me

Where there are two angels
in it that I see

First is an evil one
who’s pulling me away

From the one that’s good
who’s telling me to stay

One side holds the Light
the other a black hole

Back and forth they battle
for possession of my soul

 I can hear myself screaming
for the evil has won

But the good holds on
saying, “Wait, I’ve just begun!”

All the while I’m begging
“Angel, please don’t let go!”

“It’s your choice,” she answers,
“as it was always so.”

Teresa Marie   8/30/11