Poetry Picnic Week 35; Month of May


Poetry Picnic Week 27: Spring Break, Vacations, Favorite Colors, First Kiss; Rainbow Display



Poetry Picnic Week 26: Seven Deadly Sins



‘Twas A Full Moon

‘Twas a full moon
you said to me

“We need time apart
I think you’ll agree”

As my heart sank
to my stomach’s pit

All I could think
was “This is it!”

I could not breathe
and began to cry

Where would I go
just wanting to die

How in the world
could you do this

As you say goodbye
followed with a kiss?

“It’s not the end,”
is what you said

Yet to my heart
seemed you were dead

But seven years now
have come and gone

And our true love
has carried us on

To a happy marriage
as husband and wife

With each other to hold
the rest of our life!

Teresa Marie  10/2/11


Week 7 Theme: Love and Love lost, Submission #2

I Have Found

It’s in your arms
comfort I have found

When I’m in need
you wrap them around

It’s in your eyes
beauty I have found

For on a pedastel
my feet you’ve ground

It’s in you words
your gentleness I’ve found

To be so great
it truly does astound

It’s in your heart
my place I’ve found

And it is forever
our love shall abound!

Teresa Marie   10/2/11


Week 7 Theme: Love and Love lost, Submission #1

Stepping Through The Mirror

Stepping through the mirror
what a shock to see
when a whole other world
was there before me 

The people were real
and so finely gowned
almost screamed with glee
at what I had found

 They failed to notice
as they all talked
in the same direction
seemed everybody walked

I began to back up
not to draw attention
hand toward my face
I held in suspension

A most elegant glove
was donning my hand
as my foot caught
on my hem’s band

I thought what’s this
as I looked down
I saw my attire
a gorgeous ball gown 

I felt like Cinderella
and followed the crowd
to an elegant hall
where music played loud

As I entered in
they announced my name
when the royal prince
then did graciously exclaim

Now you have arrived
the wedding may begin
and I figured that
 heaven I was in

That’s when I awoke
‘twas a dream I’d seen
but what an adventure
it had truly been

Teresa Marie  9/16/11

Murals On The Wall

You’ve locked me here
forever it is clear

I don’t know why
but can only cry

Not your rag doll
upon whom you fall

Me you may use
to batter and abuse

Trapped by your will
I’ve had my fill

You’ve failed to see
 strength God’s given me

I will move on
when you are gone

Murals on the wall
don’t fool me at all

Despite what you give
I’ve a life to live

That transcends you
regardless what you do!

Teresa Marie   9/13/11

For Sara and all those trapped in abuse

Diamonds Mined From The Heart

Tears are the diamonds
mined from the heart

When there is pain
the tears will start

Those tiny little diamonds
roll down your cheek

Coming to us all
both strong and meek

If you could only keep
all the tears you cry

Your whole life through
until the time you die

What a massive treasure
it would surely be

For diamonds of the heart
will go on endlessly!

Teresa Marie  9/13/11