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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

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Hope is the essence

of the most innocent child

to grace your presence

Teresa Marie 1/27/12 ©




Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

by frizztext


Grace; A-Z Alphabet Challenge: G-Archives


for grace

given by You


for the

sins we do

Teresa Marie  1/13/12 © 



Abandon Praise

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Along the shore I danced
and with great abandon praise

The Lord of my life
as thanksgiving for His grace

Being unaware of the time
 I pranced around through space

The joy of my abandon
could nothing there displace

And all through the sand
my footprints you could trace

Even though the evening tide
did some of them erase

The warmth of the sun
I felt upon my face

As ever up and down
the shore in dance I race

The pleasure of His presence
I found in this place

Told me He was watching
my abandon dance of praise!

Teresa Marie  12/2/11


We All Have

We all have regrets
which bring us sorrow

That if they’re allowed to
overshadows hope for tomorrow

When mired in grief
over things we’ve done

How can forgiveness be
within ourself ever won?

In sin are we
naked before the Lord

But all that He bore
when pierce with a sword

That we be held
in God‘s loving grace

And our every transgression
did His sacrifice displace

Therefore I do say
that you mustn’t allow

Regret to overwhelm you
but rise above somehow

For if our Lord
does so forgive you

Should not the same
you yourself then do?

Teresa Marie  11/3/11

Put On A Happy Face

Tracks of tears
you can trace
or put on
a happy face

There is beauty
found in grace
so put on
a happy face

What is torn
you can lace
by putting on
a happy face

And don’t wallow
in your disgrace
just put on
a happy face

Share with others
in this place
the pleasure of
a happy face

For through time
and all space
the lasting memory’s
a happy face!

Teresa Marie  10/19/11


Thursday poets rally week 54,  where a free verse, or a poem of your choice is accepted.

For Us Alone

God doesn’t comfort us
for us and us alone

Nor His loving grace
to only us has shown

But rather for others
a comforter to make

And we do it all
for the other’s sake

He put us together
not a single one

Since the very time
the world first begun

To work and live
in peace and harmony

In the days of sorrow
then another’s comfort be

Thereby we may show
there’s a God above

Who created us all
in an act of love!

Teresa Marie  10/15/11

Distorted Reflection

Your reflection is distorted
gets twisted and contorted

When everything about you
little things you do

Seen through their eyes
is who you despise

They don’t clearly see
who’s standing before me

Young lady growing strong
knowing right from wrong

The reflection that’s you
seen my eyes through

Of beauty and grace
who’s finding her place

With life looking grand
better than you planned

Loved as you are
you will go far

This life and beyond
you hold the magic wand!

Teresa Marie  10/1/11

That’s you Sara Jayne!  Deeply loved you are!!

Playing The Game

As with anything in life
how you play the game

Shows something of your character
for everything is the same

Through each and every day
it is how you live

That will then a reputation
to each of us give

But of a man’s character 
it is the truest test

At the time he loses
that will tell us best

For if it he does
with humility and grace

Then is your trust
safe in him to place!

Teresa Marie   9/2/11