“You are my sunshine”
I softly sing to you
For the warmth of your smile
is what carries me through

Thinking I can’t go on
until I see your face
Holds a smile as you sleep
and my heart skips a pace

Sometimes I get cranky
say I can take no more
But you know just how much
you are loved and adored.

Grandma  6/26/16

Quick Update

I had surgery on my hand a week and a half ago, so typing isn’t very easy right now.  I had “trigger finger” in my thumb and it was causing me all kinds of problems but the surgeon said that he has never had anyone come back a second time after having this procedure done.

I was also on one of my MS sleeping jags again too.  Last week, I believe, I averaged being awake for maybe a total of 4 hours each day 😦  I’m hoping that’s coming to an end, although I have been fighting to stay awake several times today.

I know, through the grapevine, that my brother finished up with all of his chemo for now.  Praying it worked.

Dad and mom have been back from Florida for about a month now, both are doing good.

Mark had a new ultra-sound done and it showed some improvement in the inflammation of his heart.  We figured that was probably due majorly to his now working.  Mom said that will make him harder than ever to control and I agreed.  I catch him doing things that he shouldn’t be often and have to remind him that he can’t do anything he wants to anymore.  Today I had a can-nip fit about him carrying a TV in from the Jeep.  He was pretty winded when he was done and I think he realized I was right 😉

The twins are both well over 7 lbs. each now and doing great!

Looking forward to my other two babies (Emily and Christopher) coming over to spend some time with grandma and papaw in the next couple of weeks.  Emily was on the A Honor Roll last semester!!!  I was so proud of her.

That’s about all my hand can take for now.

Peace, love and blessings to you all,  Terri

And Three Became Five

Once there had been three
grandchildren to me
But now, man alive
the three became five!

On April 25th, my son and his wife had twins!!  A boy, Hayden Ray, and a girl, Lillian Jo.  Both are healthy (over 5.5 lbs each), although Lilly Jo was breach and broke her collarbone on the way out 😦 but is now moving her arm like nothing ever happened.  After all of the depressing news we’ve had over the last 6-9 months, this is a much needed breath of fresh air.  Here are some picture collages I made of our darling beauties!

Love and hugs to all, Terri

Grandpa Fred, Hayden, Lilly and Mom (Cait)
Grandpa Fred, Hayden, Lilly and Mom (Cait)
Daddy (Blaine) with his babies
Daddy (Blaine) with his babies
Mom, big brother (Trenton), Daddy, cousins (Emily & Christopher)
Mom, big brother (Trenton), Daddy, cousins (Emily & Christopher)
My eldest two (Shawna & Blaine), grandchildren (Emily, Christopher, Trenton, Lilly Jo and Hayden Ray
My eldest two (Shawna & Blaine), grandchildren (Emily, Christopher, Trenton, Lilly Jo and Hayden Ray
Big brother gives mom and dad thumbs up on his new brother and sister!  How adorable can you get?  I have some beautiful family, if I do say so myself :)
Big brother gives mom and dad thumbs up on his new brother and sister! How adorable can you get? I have some beautiful family, if I do say so myself 🙂

More Family Pictures to Share and a Quick Update:

More from the 60th Anniversary Party:

Keith, Kevin, Hugh, me
Dad, Mom, and Kate 

Mark, me and Shawna

Kevin’s Family

Keith’s Family

Kate and Cullen


My children, grandchildren and step-children:

Blaine and Trenton

Emily and Christopher

Krista and Kayla (Mark’s daughters)

Ashlyn (Sara’s sister)

And this is my Aunt Marge who recently passed away, with my cousin Nini:


Due to the fact that I am sitting here light headed because of the heat index rising and no air-conditioning at the moment (not to mention the risk to my computer); I will be posting late at night for the next few days until Mark gets our window units put in.  During the cooler hours, I will be able to sit here and do this without exposing the computer to undue stress and my body.

Sorry if this causes any confusion but we do what we have to at times like this 🙂

Love and blessings to all,

My Pride and Joys

Okay, my hands are not the most steady!  

Sara and the 8th grade choir

Sara and her boyfriend Kevin

Sara, Kevin and Ty

Emily Grace and the Bass she caught!

Christopher James and the catfish he caught!

Shawna, C.J. and Em

Our owls –
don’t know what kind they are but
we found out today that there are 6 babies and their momma

The robins weren’t happy that
this little guy got one of their babies!

Innocence Found – Hay(na)ku


the face
of a child


there peace
that is undefiled




capacity is
great to love


the joy
of angels above



purity of
innocence is found


their simplicity
that does abound



the children
there’s no hate


wars to
ever need debate



from them
adults can learn


we’d follow
them in turn



each day
God you bless


with more
and never less


Teresa Marie  1/26/12 ©

I love you all, grandma! 

Dream – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge: Letter 5

(image source:

to leave
a book behind


of fantasy
grandchildren to find 


my poetry
to be defined


of what’s
inside my mind


Teresa Marie  1/20/12 ©

Smack In The Middle

Smack in the middle

My life’s a riddle


Little girl among boys

With baby doll toys


As the song plays

I continue to fiddle


With the lyrics trying

To adjust them a little


For these blessed are

The progeny of me


I want to dance

As the fiddlers three 

So when to thoughts

of me they turn


They remember this tune

from me they learn


 And I pray they will

with a smile  pass along


 The new words of lyrics

they’ve added my song


As through our generations

this one to the next


There will come another

to add their own text


And so my life’s song

will be without end


As long as another

comes ’round the next bend!


Teresa Marie  12/12/11

I love you all, my babies!!!!

Week 17 Theme:

Photos, Nostalgia, Memories, and Families