A-Z Archive: Q! challenge; Quintessential

A-Z Archive: Q! challenge

by frizztext



[kwin-tuh-sen-shuhl]  Show IPA



of the pure and essential essence of something: the quintessential Jewish delicatessen.

of or pertaining to the most perfect embodiment of something: the quintessential performance of the BrandenburgConcertos.

Someone You Wish You Could Meet – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 9

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I wish that I could
meet you face to face

While I’m still living here
in this earthbound place

Oh angel guard of mine
if I could only see

Your image, shape or form
whatever that it may be

For I have no doubt
of whether you are there

And I know that I am
forever in your good care

Yet it would just be nice
or better said it’d be Divine 

If I could meet you here
oh Guardian Angel of mine!

Teresa Marie  1/27/12 © 



She Wants To Feed – Part 7

When she said the pit of fire, I began shaking so hard that my teeth were almost chattering.  At that very moment one of the walls seemed to turn into a window and what I saw then did make them chatter, uncontrollably!

There was a man or fallen angel or demon, whatever, and he was walking down what seemed to be a hallway.  Behind him was fire.  Just looking at him terrorized me to the bone.  I looked over at Bahalize and she was shaking her head back and forth letting me know to be silent.

While he was approaching, I could feel his hatred, it emanated from him and filled the room.  Evil as anything I could have ever imagined in my worst nightmare and then some.  His eyes glowed and it seemed to be shooting out of them as he gazed back and forth in the hall.  I believe he was searching for someone in particular.  I was hoping and praying that it wasn’t me!

As he passed us by, the window turned back into a wall.  Bahalize scooted back out a little from the corner as she whispered, “I guess you got lucky or maybe that was just to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to but either way it goes it’s not your turn yet.”

The smell and sounds were overwhelming me and now I could clearly hear people screaming, yelling out obscenities, moaning and wailing unlike anything that I had ever heard before.  My mind was racing, recounting my life and what sins I may have committed.  I could think of nothing that would deserve this kind of punishment.

At that thought I began to pray, “Dear Jesus, save me please!  I’ll do better.  That’s not an idle promise!  Take me back, cleanse me of my sins and make me whole again.”  Seems like I did pay some attention in Sunday school and services.  Then I started praying the Lord’s Prayer over and over and over again.  “Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…”

As soon as I started to do that there was a pinprick of light that shone from the ceiling.  The more I said it, the larger it got and then I heard the voice that I had been hearing and ignoring all my life – my Guardian Angel.  She asked me if I had repented of my sins and was willing to forgive.  I practically screamed it, “Yes!!!”

Her reply to me was, “If you do not do what you have promised, this is where you will come back to.  I think you’ve learned your lesson.  Take my hand!”

All at once she appeared in front of me.

Teresa Marie   11/17/11

My God, My God

My God, my God
in Your glory Divine
I am so grateful
that You are mine

You’ve given Your angels
the charge over me
I know they’re there
though I can’t see

My God, my God
the Most Holy One
how I worship You
and Your only Son

The angels are privileged
that they may be
up there in heaven
where they adore Thee!

Teresa Marie  10/24/11

Angels Come Down

Angels come down
from on high

See every tear
that we cry

Giving us comfort
as we sigh

In troubled times
they draw neigh

When in danger
to us fly

They support us
as we try

And on them
we can rely

To carry us home
when time to die!

Teresa Marie  10/19/11

Angels Beside You

Angels are beside you
wherever you may go

Always there protecting you
this you should know

In everything you do
angels are your shadow

For your life through
after you they follow

Trying to guide you
though it mightn’t show

If closing listening you
may in wisdom grow

Even glimpse them too
by their angelic glow

What I’m telling you
this I do know

There are angels beside you
everywhere you may go!

Teresa Marie  10/6/11

Guard My Baby Dear

Angel of the Lord
guard my baby dear

That she’s in danger
is what I fear

Build a huge hedge
of protection around her

Let no evil thing
against her to occur

This is my plea
to God I pray

That you His angel
be sent right away

For you are charged
to guard and protect

In all good faith
that’s what I expect

And my dear Lord
thank You in advance

For I know with You
he doesn’t stand a chance!

Teresa Marie  10/2/11


Hush My Little Baby

Hush my little baby

No need to cry

Your Guardian Angel will

Sing you a lullaby


Your mommy and daddy

On their knees do pray

For your care and protection

Most each and every day


So hush little baby

No worries have you

The Father in heaven

Heard their prayers too


‘Cause you’re His children

He has sent me

To watch over you

So hush little baby.


Teresa Marie  9/13/11

The Voices Calling Me

Felt someone was watching me
in the middle of the night
Wondering who it could be
gave me such a fright
Voices calling out to me
I turned on the light
But nothing do I see
as my fear took flight

From the bed I arose
walking to the top stair
Felt someone was very close
it gave me quite a scare
Heart pounding a healthy dose
of blood to my hair
As on my arm it froze
standing straight up in the air 

The voices clearly calling me
to come to them outside
The trembling began to be
more than I could hide
In evening fog couldn’t see
as the fear I ride
In waves coming over me
just like an ocean tide

Couldn’t take it very long
before I had to go
The panic became too strong
thought my heart would blow
I didn’t care what’s wrong
or even want to know
Here I just didn’t belong
as the anxiety did grow

Then a different voice I heard
saying, “Yes, please now hurry!”
And so without another word
I then began to scurry
It all seemed so absurd
’til I felt something furry
As if feathers on a bird
as they spread and flurry

Gave out a little shout
as the fog I did clear
And when I turned about
’twas an angel standing near
Of this I’ve no doubt
she fiercely held a spear
And with it pointed out
while saying not to fear

 As I then turned around
 I could only just stare
‘Cause what I had found
is the truth I declare
The voices and every sound
that came from anywhere
From many demons did abound
who were now standing there!

Teresa Marie   9/15/11


The Haunting Image

I have an certain image
that has been haunting me

Where there are two angels
in it that I see

First is an evil one
who’s pulling me away

From the one that’s good
who’s telling me to stay

One side holds the Light
the other a black hole

Back and forth they battle
for possession of my soul

 I can hear myself screaming
for the evil has won

But the good holds on
saying, “Wait, I’ve just begun!”

All the while I’m begging
“Angel, please don’t let go!”

“It’s your choice,” she answers,
“as it was always so.”

Teresa Marie   8/30/11