Cold Flame – Haiku

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Without Hope

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When someone feels
they’re without hope

How in the world
can they ever cope?

When it’s ripped
at the seams

Where’s the hope
of fulfilling dreams?

When a life
is torn apart

Where is hope found
by the broken heart? 

Because it is
when hope’s lost

Will to live
it may cost

But if you can
just hold on

You will find out
that it’s not gone

It’s where you
have it hidden

For you feel
that it’s forbidden

‘Cause your heart
is broken in two

 So you think
God’s abandoned you

But your soul
knows it’s there

Just as He 
does truly care

 Your hope will
come back one day

And the world
will be not gray

So hold on
for all you’re worth

‘Cause hope exists
on this earth!!

Teresa Marie  1/16/12 ©

For you, babygirl!
Ever on my mind

Inside You’re Bleeding

Do you wanna be somebody else?
Sick of feeling so left out?
Hate when they think that you
don’t know what you’re talking about?

Are you desperate to find something
more before your life is over?
Wanna stare up at the rainbows
while lying in fields of clover?

Are you sick of everyone around?
Wish they would leave you alone
with the big fake smiles that
look like they’re chiseled in stone?

There’s no one that really cares
what it is you are needing
 all you get’s their superior lies
while deep down inside you’re bleeding!

Sara Jayne & Teresa Marie   11/15/11


Thursday Poets Rally Week 56 submission:


Mom Sent It To Me and I’m Sending It On To All Of You!!


Enjoy Life – It Has An Expiration Date
I had an X-ray done today, and they found you in my heart. The Doctor said if they took you out, I would die, because I could not live without you as a friend, or e-mail buddy!!!
Give this heart to everyone you don’t want to lose.

SO , cherish your friends!


My Darling Love

How my darling love
with everything you do
 could I not be
so in love with you?

For baby you are
the “unchained melody”
that in my heart
does play endlessly!

The greatest of any
kind of love song
you’ve given to me
with you I belong

Your soul will sing
in unison with mine
for the years remaining
in all our lifetime!

Love you Babe!

Teresa Marie  10/25/11

It Is The Heart

It is the heart
that does always feel
from the very start
telling you the deal

Of what the eyes
just can not see
through mask of disguise
before you or me

And the heart knows
what the mind can’t
understand in the throes
of the world’s slant

God put it there
for so many reasons
we should never dare
ignore its different seasons

Holding love or hate
having joy or sorrow
there is no debate
it could change tomorrow

But the heart does
the truth always know
and that is because
He made it so!

Teresa Marie  10/15/11

It’s A Funny Thing

Forgiveness is such
a funny thing
it’s not easy
in the offering

 But it warms
the heart cold
relieving the pain
it may hold

And it cools
the burning sting
that betrayal did
to it bring

Yes, funny thing
that forgiveness is
never so easy
because it is His!

Teresa Marie  10/11/11

Pure Gold

My heart
I give
to you

To hold
your whole
life through

With all
the love

That from
me you

It is
made of
pure gold

Or so
I have
been told

I hope
it gives
you pleasure

For you
hold all
its treasure

I give
to you
for free

And pray
that you
love me!

Teresa Marie   9/18/11

Diamonds Mined From The Heart

Tears are the diamonds
mined from the heart

When there is pain
the tears will start

Those tiny little diamonds
roll down your cheek

Coming to us all
both strong and meek

If you could only keep
all the tears you cry

Your whole life through
until the time you die

What a massive treasure
it would surely be

For diamonds of the heart
will go on endlessly!

Teresa Marie  9/13/11


It May Not Seem

It may not really seem
like very much to you

But it’s all I have
in the whole world too

I want you to know
although it looks so small

I’m offering it to you
for you to have it all

Please take care of it
and cherish it as deserved

That the love contained within
will always then be preserved.

Teresa Marie  9/8/11