Picture It & Write #30; It Stormed

-By Bob DeHoff

She gripped onto her flimsy cardigan which billowed violently due to the temperamental winds. She stared out. The ship left a milky white trail as if a snail. There was nothing in sight. The bruise of clouds that discoloured the skies growled. Soon there would be rain, she shut her eyes. Her fingers hesitantly touched her abdomen. The baby was lost. It was now a lost fragment of who she had been. An insignificant ripple in the tumultuous ocean of her past.

 Ermisenda Alvarez


I wrote this for Sara almost a year ago. I ran across it today, revised it a little and now want to share it with you again!

What about God?

I like walking in the rain, because no one sees me crying. – Unknown

When I am sad
when I am blue

Walking in the rain’s
 what I like to do

If I get wet
I don’t even care

And it doesn’t matter
if at me people stare

‘Cause this I know
they can’t see me cry

I don’t have to answer
when they ask me why

I walk in the rain
so I can cry alone

And the pain I feel
I keep to my own.

Teresa Marie   8/26/11 – 6/22/12 ©

From another of Sara’s favorite quotes

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Picture It & Write #32; Her Gaze

I was captive under her gaze. The darkness of her pupil absorbed the last ounce of freewill I held. The glittering stars and dazzling smears that painted her iris formed a galaxy of emerald and aqua shades. Mesmerised by her beauty – no, hypnotised – I fell down onto my knees. This divine creature’s gaze bore through me and read my soul. All my attention was dedicated to holding her gaze. I was terrified she’d look away. For fifty years I was a slave to those eyes, then one day something else caught her attention and there was no more life in my own. Ermisenda Alvarez

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by Ermilia

All That’s Left


A Few More Thoughts From My Daughter

Illuminating Flashes

In Solitude – Short Story Slam Week 19

It is in solitude
I come here to pray

“Lord, give me the fortitude
to hold on another day!”

From Him I beg for
the strength to carry on

When the one I did adore
from my life is gone

Everything to him I gave
but he ‘s left me behind

And now only God can save
what is left of my mind

When it’s our love we give
and they throw it away

 Often lost is will to live
steeped in the pain of they

“So, dear Lord, give it back
that I might clearly see

‘Twas not because of my lack
that they have now left me

Give me one who loves me more
with passion’s fire like the sun

On the road ahead before
my life is said and done!”

Teresa Marie  1/18/12 ©

For all of my suffering friends,
you know who you are,
and I love you each and every one! 


For The Tears You Cry

(image source: google.com/images)

How my heart is breaking
for the tears you cry

As you toss and turn 
in the bed where you lie

With grief  I am stricken
’caused you’ve suffered more pain

That a heart so young
as yours should ever sustain 

I desperately wish that
there was more I could do

Than these mere words
that I’m writing to you

 For there you are
and here I remain

When another love’s lost
from your life once again 

If only I could just
pick up the phone

I would to tell you
that you are not alone

Although it does seem 
that there is no way

You’ll survive this blow
to smile again one day

My every prayer will
now for you be

A light at the end
of the tunnel to see

And again I must say
that you ARE NOT alone

For I love you as if
you were truly my own 

Even though you don’t think
that God loves you too

I swear to you darling
that it is very true

And although it makes
no sense right now

Just know that it will
some day and some how!!

Teresa Marie 1/15/12 ©

I love you, babygirl!!

Hold on, if nothing else do it for me!





Cracks – Hay(na)ku

image source: photobucket.com

that have
once been broken

by actions
or words mis-spoken

life’s cracks
have been awoken

them not
as mere token

rather as
ripped out seams

their world
full of dreams

may be
taken as extremes

be judged
in the high-beams

tiny fractures
they make show

to spider
out and grow

deep is
pain they know

is the
seed they sow

what another
has torn asunder

hope of
joy and wonder

by pain
a heart’s thunder

left alone
through to blunder! 

 Teresa Marie  1/12/12 ©

For  “babygirl”, 
with all my love! 



Crashing Waves – Free Write Friday

image source: photobucket.com

Standing on the shore
as waves crash around me
how I do abhor
what has come to be

I stare at the moon
as I consider eternity
and how much too soon
 it will come for me

Thinking how you left
without a single word
has left me inept
floundering in the world

Feels like I’m dying
all broken up inside
tears I’ve been crying
over how you lied

Forever you did say
was how it would be
and now I just pray
for God to take me

‘Cause He’s the only One
Who loves me true
and after what you’ve done
run to Him I do

For I know at least
there is peace of mind
and a roaring beast
never there to find

So go on and run
I’m stronger than you
with the rising sun
are skies of blue

And I’ll be okay
for it is you see
with His love today
you’re not the end of me!!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©