In Mother’s Arms


*For all the mother’s out there!  Happy Mother’s Day and God bless you!!!

A Thought For Your Monday

My Absence – Updates – Praying

Where to start:

1)  Mom brought dad home from the hospital today.  They will need to stay down in Florida for a couple more weeks until the doctor clears him to come home.  Good news, he is eating well and in fair spirits.

2)  The principle at Sara’s school did an investigation into her being bullied after I spoke with him this morning.  Although the girls denied any involvement, they know he is watching them and they have backed off Sara.  Good news.

3)  Penny had her second bypass a couple of weeks ago.  She was in a lot of pain when I talked to her last Wed. afternoon.  I have been trying to call her on and off since and was going to go by there in the morning if I still got no answer.  Her younger son answered her phone today and informed me that they took her to the emergency room last night.  The new bypass is blocked.  They took her down to Methodist Hospital.  She will see the specialist down there in the morning.  It doesn’t look good beings that her foot is turning purple.  PLEASE pray for her!!!  Losing her foot/leg was one of her biggest fears when we talked before her last surgery.

4)  My eldest is suffering her own minor nervous breakdown right now and I have been trying to help her get some perspective on life and how to get through her current crisis.  She said she thought it was pretty bad that at 33 years old she had to come running home to mommy!  I told her that’s what I’m here for 🙂  

5)  I’ve been going back and forth between sleeping a lot to keep up with the toll of the stress and/or being immobilized by it all.  Therefore, I have not had the energy to do my blog and don’t know exactly how soon I will be back.  It will probably be hit and miss for a little while.  

I am sorry to disappoint those who look forward to their daily laughs and promise to try to make it a short absence.

Love to all,


Master Of The Sea

Where Did I Go? – Part Two

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As Susan drove away from the house, her legs were shaking so bad that she could barely press down the gas pedal.  Feeling sick to her stomach, only 2 miles down the road, she had to pull over and calm herself.

“Where am I going to go?” she thought.  She had planned on driving to her parents house but it was only 5:30am and she knew that no one would be awake at that hour of the morning.  Here parents were in the late 60’s and retired.  

Susan had not seen them in over 3 years.  The family had all long since turned their backs on her over the years when she kept going back to Jason every time she left him.  She had never managed to stay away from him more than 3 or 4 months.  He always lured her back in somehow, but not this time.  Susan was determined to get free of him for good!  She had to do it for the kids if nothing else.  Never should they be allowed to grow up thinking that this was the way that people who loved each other acted.

She didn’t want her son to become an abuser nor her daughters to grow up thinking that they deserved to be abused either.  If she didn’t have the courage to do it for her self, she had to do it for them, for their future happiness and just to give them a chance at normalcy.  So, she drove on, gulping in the air to calm her stomach.

When Susan pulled up in front of her parent’s house, the home that she had grown up in, the lights were out.  She reclined the back of her seat and tried to relax before she had to go knock on the door.  Lost in a surreal fog she began to think about her who she once was.

“How did I ever get to this place in my life?” she wondered.  It was amazing to her, when she thought about it, how fear had totally taken over and dictated her life for the last 15 years.  And the drugs, never in a million years would she have thought that she would find herself strung out on drugs like she was.  A wave of disgust and remorse washed over her, guilt and recrimination flooded her whole being.  

As she glanced at herself in the rear view mirror, Susan saw someone whom she didn’t know staring back at her.  Their face was gaunt and drawn, dark circles under the eyes, and there was no light in those eyes like there once had been.  No longer did they twinkle mischievously back, their life had been sucked out of them.  Even the green of their iris was dulled and lifeless.

“Oh, dear God, what will mom and dad think when they see me?!” but Susan already knew the answer to that one.  As she bent her head to say a prayer, out of the corner of her eye she saw the front door open and her mother was standing there looking out at the car.

She breathed a quick prayer, opened the car door and got out.  Her mother had tears in her eyes when she came out of the house and onto the porch with her arms opened.

Susan burst into tears and ran into her mother’s arms just as her mother was saying, “We never thought we would see again, not alive anyway!”  Susan’s shoulders dropped, her body shook with deep racking sobs and she knew that she was home…

Teresa Marie  1/20/12 ©

Free Write Friday; Message In A Bottle – Remember Me


You are stranded on a remote island with no hope of being rescued. You find only a pen, one sheet of paper and a bottle. You want to let people know what happened to you, who you are and how you wish to be remembered…

World, oh world, remember me
as I now live and breathe

I was a sinner, not a saint
and never referred to as quaint

Great were tests that I failed
as against the world I railed

Many transgressions have I committed
 fault my own for those I permitted

But as you read what I’ve written
know that I am one forgiven

When stupid mistakes I have made
yet for which I’ve never paid

Have been covered by the Son
as His salvation I have won

Though my soul fills with remorse
for taking a wicked sinners course

The Lord’s been with me here
to tell me I need not fear

And in heaven will I see
all those dearly loved by me 

For the time has now come
to enter into my Father’s kingdom 

Please tell my husband and children
that I’ve gone home with the Son!

Teresa Marie  1/13/12  ©

Free Write Friday; Message in a Bottle

by Kellie Elmore

What’s To Be Thankful For?

What’s to be thankful for you ask?
To make a list is quite a task:

I’m thankful for my life
to be my lover’s wife

I’m thankful for my husband
who is my best friend

I’m thankful for the children
God blessed me with back when

I’m thankful for my great joys
my grandchildren, the girl and boys

I’m thankful for my father and mother
for my sister and for each brother

I’m thankful for my adopted ones
all the daughters and the sons

I’m thankful for every friend
into my life God did send

I’m thankful for legs to walk
and a mouth with which to talk

I’m thankful for ears to hear
and heart that holds no fear

I’m thankful for eyes to see
all the blessings God’s given me

And this list could go on
unto the stars and beyond

But let it suffice to say
I thank God for every day!

Teresa Marie   11/12/11

This week’s submission for:



Dark And Gloomy

On a night dark and gloomy
wind going right straight through me

Was my house coming up to
when a wariness inside me grew

My doors were standing open wide
what if someone was waiting inside?

I was there and all alone
began searching for my cell phone

With it ready there in hand
was ready to “beat the band”

And with that being all done
once inside I grabbed a gun

Walked around from room to room
then outside I heard a boom

It scared me half to death
I sucked in an extra breath

Then I did come to realize
that lightning had lit the skies

When assured no one was there
I sat down in the chair

Proud that I’d been so strong
and wondered what had gone wrong

My husband’s regular evening call
told the story of it all

He woke up for work late
ran like a horse from the gate

Must have not closed the doors
and my peace that all restores!

Teresa Marie  10/19/11

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here kitty, kitty!
Wherever can you be?
So many crazy thoughts
well up in me

Did a wild animal
eat my little kitty?
Did she get lost
somewhere in the city?

Looking high and low
her I did not see
‘Til looking out back
in the big old tree

That’s where I found
my precious little kitty
Sitting up in there
looking oh so pretty

Gazing up at her
what did I see
Not one or two
now there were three

All putting on airs
living wild and free
With their little house
built in my tree

As she looked down
kitty said to me
This is my new home
and where I wanna be

I began to cry
it was such a pity
Thought I’d die without
my precious little kitty

“Hush my little child
no need to worry
In the summer shine
or the winter’s flurry

You’re welcome any time
to come visit me!
I just wanna home
and my own family.”

A thought then occurred
to make me very happy
if my little kitty
would only just agree

Okay, I then said
do this for me
When they do come
can I have a baby?

Teresa Marie   9/13/11

The Loss of Innocence

I mourn for the innocence
that to me is lost

Is there no recompenses
for what it has cost?

I mourn for a childhood
not allowed to see

For you have stolen
it away from me

I mourn the friends
you would not allow

Even though I do
have a few somehow

I mourn the time
you took from me

When you made sure
mom I couldn’t see

Now it’s your turn
time’s come to pay

And it may hurt
as I walk away

No longer will you do
things to me you’ve done

I won’t have to mourn
in the new life begun

I know that God
everything does see

And He is blessing
the life ahead of me!

Teresa Marie   9/1/11

Hold your head high, Sara!  Don’t let anyone ever take that you from. 
I love you more than life itself, Mom