Change For A Dollar – Via Mom – Warning, It Will Make You Cry!

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Just How It’s Supposed To Be?

I stuck my tongue out to catch the falling snowflakes. They fell upon my shoulders like dandruff but none landed on my tongue. An incoherent babble grew louder to my left. My attention shifted. An old, scraggly man hidden beneath an overgrown beard was “singing” for money. Living in the city desensitized people from the sights of the homeless. I stopped in mid-stride. He looked so pitiful and guilt constricted my heart. I couldn’t walk away, not this time. I scouted my pockets for a couple of coins and found five dollars. I left it in his hat and he grinned revealing all four of his teeth. My fingers caressed my pregnant stomach as I walked away. Maybe I hadn’t saved the man but with each act of kindness I could strive for a better world for my unborn child.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And isn’t that just
how it’s supposed to be?
But way too many
the homeless don’t see

As being one of
the downtrodden and poor
and rather as those
who don’t try anymore

For our society does
no longer even care
“it’s their own fault”
does the public declare

Where is the compassion
that God does command?
“Look out for yourself”
of them we demand

To all those with
no change to spare
all I can say
is you’d better beware

‘Cause in this world
we’re living in today
you may be the next
to have it all taken away!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11

__picture it & write

by Ermilia

The Streets At Night

Walk the streets at night
but I am not afraid
for our Lord and Savior
my price has already paid

I go out there among
the lowly and down trodden
whom the world in general
has just as well forgotten

When people have no home
nor any food to eat
sleeping in a cardboard box
there in some alley street

There are some who think
the fault is their own
because of drugs or alcohol
they have lost their home

But that is the furthest
from what is really true
when they lost their job
couldn’t pay the mortgage due

So I walk the streets
at night to give hope
I tell them of Jesus
and how He helps to cope!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11