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Where Is The One?

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Where is the one
who will accept me
for who I am
not what they see?

Where is the one
if they don’t agree
will leave it alone
and let me be?

Where’s the one when
push comes to shove
that stands behind me
rising beyond and above?

Where is the one
when I’m thought of
who sees my quirks
as something to love?

Where is the one
with whom I’m free
to tell my secrets
and won’t betray me?

Where is the one
who’s the most truthfully
just as loyal as
I thought they’d be?

Is there not one
friend to the end
who over backwards
for me would bend?

Isn’t there one person
with whom I blend
so very well that
my life they’d defend?

If all these things
for them I’d do
should I not expect
the same then too?

Where is the one
that’s tried and true
and that does everything
that they promise to?

Dear God,  I pray
You’d bless me with one
good trustworthy friend
before my life’s done

And yet I know
if there are none
to be found on earth
You’re my fan # One!

Teresa Marie  12/12/11

For J~ with love!