Thursday’s Thought From Ferdinand Foch

Native Man – Haiku

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One day in my suffering

           ’twas unto God I cried,

                       “Please send Your healing angel

                                   to stand here at my side!”                               But God did not answer.


Day after day I begged

           for Him to come heal me,

                       to take away the pain

                                   and to end my misery.                                     Still there was no answer.


After a month of pleading

           for anything He would do,

                       when I felt no better

                                   I was losing all hope too.                                Again there was no answer.


So I began to worry

           and ask what I had done.

                       When my worry became doubt

                                   in my Most Holy One!                                     Yet He never said a word.


When unto Him I yelled

           that He’d abandoned me

                       and flew into a rage

                                   ’cause no help did I see,                                  Silence was all I heard.


I threw up my hands

           while saying that I quit!

                       Whatever He must want of me

                                   I surely did not have it,                                     And in my spirit I heard:


Wait a minute, is that all?

           Upon Me you’ll no longer call?

                       Into the devil’s trap you’ll fall?

                                   Am I not your One & All                               When I have paid the cost?


What of suffering do you know?

           Felt the pain of a whip’s blow?

                       As rejection’s heat did grow

                                   how deep did your faith go?                       And how quickly was it lost? 

You must learn more of Me,

           if My face you strive to see

                       then patiently do wait on Me

                                   before a miracle will ever be,                            And welcome to the cross!

Teresa Marie  1/6/11 – revised 9/2/11