Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award …




Okay, this is a new one for me and also not ever seen before!  

I want to thank  Laura at for nominating me!

 If you’ve not visited her blog before, I highly recommend that you do!  Believe me when I say that you’ll enjoy yourself there 🙂

Now, getting to the rules of this award:

I am to tell you seven things that you don’t know about me but I’m having some problems with this one.  Since I’m pretty much a blabber-mouth about myself and my past, how do I come up with something that you don’t already know?

1)  I acquired this particular liking from my first husband; bacon and jelly sandwiches.

2) This particular one came from my dad; tomato sandwiches and Vidalia onion sandwiches.

3) When I was pregnant with my son, my cravings were for either Mexican or Chinese food.

4) When I was in High School, my favorite after-school snack was a chocolate milk shake and pretzels.

5) Many years ago (about 25 of them) and before the M.S., when I could still read books, I belonged to three separate book clubs at the same time and would average at least one book a week read.  Most of those that I would read were 750+ pages.

6)  My mother had 12 kids in her family and my father had 7.

7)  I live in the same place I was born in (about 25 miles from my parent’s house where I grew up).


Now I have to nominate some people, it didn’t say how many but I agree with Laura that, considering the name of the award, they should be females.  So here goes:

1)  My cyber-daughter Abi @

2)  My friend Terry @

3)  My friend Soma @

4)  My friend Len @

5)  My friend Izzy @

6)  My friend Becca @

7)  My friend Maria @

And that is just scratching the surface, this list could go on for pages with names of the many wonderful and talented women that I have met here in the cyber-world!!  Please take a moment to visit them and see for yourself!

Thanks again Laura!!

Hugs and blessings to all,

My Blog Reviewed

I had the honor of my blog being reviewed today!  I want to thank my good friend and cyber-son, Arjun Sharma for the wonderful praise that he gave to me.  I am very humbled by it.

Arjun is a great writer in his own right.  If you don’t already know his work, please stop by his blog, check out the review he did of mine and explore some of his work as well.  It won’t be a waste of your time, I promise 🙂


Honored And Humbled As Featured Blog Of The Week

I received this award in the last week of October from The Gooseberry Garden and today I have been featured there as Friday Poetry Blog.  I am very honored!  This is the message/comment that I received with the link to read their article:

Hi Terri hope you have a a blessed day.
You are featured here today :

Trust you will have a wonderful wknd.


Thanks Chim and Gooseberry Garden!