Rainbows to Chase; Flash Fiction Week 28



Peaceful Slumber – Haiku

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Innocence Found – Hay(na)ku


the face
of a child


there peace
that is undefiled




capacity is
great to love


the joy
of angels above



purity of
innocence is found


their simplicity
that does abound



the children
there’s no hate


wars to
ever need debate



from them
adults can learn


we’d follow
them in turn



each day
God you bless


with more
and never less


Teresa Marie  1/26/12 ©

I love you all, grandma! 

Joy – Hay(na)ku


the essence

found of innocence

Teresa Marie  1/10/12  ©

The Child

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One day a huge ogre came
putting our all knights to shame
who laid on each other the blame
but in truth were all the same

Then there walked straight into
the middle of this hullabaloo
a tiny babe age of two
 who tapped his toe, asking “Shoe?”

The ogre looked down at her
as his wrath about to incur
but standing so petite and demure 
with an innocent face ever pure

His heart melted in an instant
as to scare her he was hesitant 
and now with his anger absent
a grin on his face was present

So ogre reached down instead
as away all the knights sped
he patted the darling girl’s head
“Let’s be friends!” he then said

So the moral of the story
is not all that you see
which may appear to be gory
is what it truly must be

For if with love you act
and you use a little tact 
I have found it’s proven fact
will change how others react!

Teresa Marie  1/9/12 ©




Another Night

Another night
so quickly passed

Though I know
not the last

You were born
ever so small

Now you are
not at all

Used to watch
as you slept

And soft tears
I quietly wept

As in innocence
there you lay

Still thanking God
for you today!

Teresa Marie  10/21/11


Sleep, my little baby-by

You’re the apple of my eye

I don’t care if you cry

You’ll always be my punkin’ pie

When you sleep you give a sigh

In your crib where you lie

Angels protect you my sweetie-pie

In your dreams with them fly

How I feel words defy

Except on this you can rely

I will love you ’til I die

Because you are my baby-by!

Teresa Marie   8/4/11

The Curiosity Of Innocence

The time when we were innocent
and the world was a curiosity
as the days came and went
we lived them with frivolity

There were no daily cares
that occupied our little minds
but rather truth or dares
and buried treasure finds

The games that we could play
were the only choice to make 
in the heat of summer’s day
as the sun our mud pies bake

When we would hide and seek
’til someone kicked the can
and sometimes we would peek
when we’re the counting man

As I stop to look back
upon those simple wistful days
for nothing did I lack
and the memory with me stays

The angels sent to guard
and keep us in their charge
are there when times are hard
and problems loom so large

But I bet they wish for
that child again once young
who asked for nothing more
than a bedtime song be sung!

Teresa Marie   7/14/11

They May Forget


Children are a precious gift
we are given from above
in our arms them to lift
and smother with our love

They’re wide-eyed and innocent
it is us that they adore
No matter what you meant
although you don’t keep score

Even when they may forget
the words that you said
On their hearts it’ll set
with the feelings they inbed

So choose your words with care
in everything that you say
to those gifts you have there
looking up to you today.

Teresa Marie  6/9/11

If You Can’t Be Childish

There is no point at all
of being a grown up today
if I can’t answer a call
to go a minute and play

When I can’t be as childish
in my own individual way
and do it however I wish
just because of what you say

It’s truly all up to me
as to whether or not I may
regardless of what you see
as my immaturity on display

For with childish faith I do
through each and every day
what God does want me to
not as the world might convey

‘Cause it is not any crime
to be as a child I pray
if I want to go sometime
in my innocence and play!

 Teresa Marie   5/23/11