All Good Things Come To An End


Hello my friends!  I have decided to close out this blog since it has been so long since I’ve regularly posted on it.

However, I have started a new one.  I intend to do a lot of the same genre as before but without stressing myself out so much about posting every day, nor joining so many other weekly challenges; poetry, storytelling, etc.

Sebastian is 3 now and attending pre-school for special education.  I have a lot of hectic activity already in daily life, that’s enough for me.

The new blog link is:

Stop by and say hi whenever you have time!

Love, peace & blessings for you all,   Teresa

Internet Friend – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 8

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However can I choose one
to pick of all you
for there is no way
that this I can do

I have so very many
new friends that I’ve met
since I first started posting
this blog on the net

And truly I do cherish
each of you out there
while I personally have started
with some my life to share

Want you all to know 
what to me you mean
because you are the best
and there’s no in between

Thank you all for being
so caring and so kind
for without all of you
I’d have lost my mind!

Teresa Marie  1/26/12 ©

Voices Heard

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Today with the internet

our voices are heard

No longer must wait

for the written word

When everything is downloaded

don’t need the printed page

No more having tattered books

or turning down the page

What I am writing now

you’ll read in a minute

And other than my time

don’t have a dime in it

But all this does somehow

serve to make me sad

When thinking of the fun

in reading books I had

What to me they taught

of using my imagination

Seems to me is lost

on the internet generation

For when it’s all there

right in front of you

What then is there left

for your mind to do?

Guess it could be said

there is good and bad

In every new advancement

out there to be had

So make no mistake

of what I wanna say

Because of all these gadgets

I have this blog today!

Teresa Marie  12/22/11 ©

Spam, Spam and More Spam

Do you ever feel like this when you look at the number in your spam folder?

I am beginning to feel more and more like this cat every day!  I don’t know how or why but recently my spam folders on my e-mail and this blog have exploded.  Every time I turn around it is filling up again!  Especially here and I just don’t get it.  Where doe this stuff come from and how is it getting to me?  Can anyone explain it to me?  I am beginning to really get frustrated with the whole mess!

Let me give you an example:  This morning when I first got on here to do my posts there were 127 comments in my spam folder.  I know by the wording that they are computer generated.  I’ve learned that much so far.  So I deleted them.  I did one post and see that there are now 38 more there!  It wasn’t even an hour later.  They are, of course, more of the same.

Now how does that happen?  I mean, why me?  Does everybody get this much or did I do something to cause this irritation to start with?  Did I get linked into somewhere that this crap comes from?  Heeelllppp!

If any of you know what I can do to fix this problem, please tell me ’cause they’re driving me nuts!  I don’t know if it matters whether or not I just let them build up but I don’t want it to bog down my blog’s response time because of spam

Lord give me strength and serenity!

With total frustration,
Teresa Marie