A Fairyland

Celtic Fairy Grand – Chõka

*image source: magickalgraphics.com


title=”HORSE WITH HOOD” – photo via flickr.com by Martyn Hyde, Ireland, professional photographer:
martyn61 sent to my flickr group…

Blinded in the world we live
to all that is unseen

Restlessly we take and give
while here in the between

Greedily do we go along
hoarding all that we glean

Leaving behind bread crumb trails
of everywhere we’ve been

As we all stagger through
our mundane life and day

 The best we can hope for
is to better it some way

 But if all that’s done
does our own self betray

How does any of that
the meaning of life convey?

We are all put here
to accomplish a specific purpose

To make the world more
not leave it something less

When it is another soul
in this life we bless

Then no one can say
we didn’t share some happiness!

Teresa Marie  1/2/12 © 


There is Really No Fix For Being Irish – Via My Mother

This really happened in  Ireland .
There is no fix for being Irish
My day looks pretty good after seeing this!  

I could have sworn I hit the brake pedal
Car upside down in the bay –
see the guy standing on
Call out the Crane Truck!


Coming back up…coming…coming 



 Coming…almost there! 



I could have sworn I set the brakes on that truck ! 
Time to get a Bigger Truck!


Ok, we got the car..let’s get the other Truck now!  

O…O…oohhh No!! 
Who’s gonna explain this one to the insurance guys?
SEE, your day has not been so bad after all… 


The Irish Are

The Irish are proud people
loyal, heartfelt and strong
in their beliefs and religion
but do them no wrong

‘Cause this I will say
if something bad you do
they’ll forgive you for it
as God commands us to

But they will not ever
forget the thing you’ve done
their memory can be long
and trust must be won

Yet they are light-hearted
filled with laughter and joy
take them not for granted
or their friendship ever destroy

For those proud Irish people
will be your best friend
always stay loyal to you
and love you until the end!

Teresa Marie   10/11/11

For my Irish family, heritage and country of origin.
I love you Mom and Dad!

For Old Ire’

This poem is for old Ire’
The land I hope someday to see
From whence my family came
With O’Brien as our last name
Proud of our Irish history

The Purple Treehouse Week 3 submission #2 – Limerick

Emerald Is The Name

Emerald is the name
Beauty is my claim
From whence I came
Emerald Isle of fame

Ire’ land of legend
Leprachauns around each bend
Gold at rainbow’s end
Which they all defend

Pixies and fairies too
Enchantment is offered you
Castles you might view
Spotted the country through

For music we’re renowned
It’s heard all around
Having a magical sound
Unlike anything you’ve found

With laughter our way
Even on darkest day
As the music play
We dance the night away!

Teresa Marie  9/23/11


Week 10 Theme: Nature, Mountains, Rivers, and Forests #3