A Christmas Story

(image source: google.com)

Christmas is a time of wonder
for every girl and boy

Mom’s baking cakes and cookies
for the family to enjoy

When smiles are so contagious
that no one can resist

Mistletoe hangs in the doorway
for someone to be kissed

The lights are shining brightly
while Christmas music plays

The children’s eyes do sparkle
while counting down the days

As they wait for Christmas Eve
when Santa Claus will come

Putting presents underneath the tree
and disappearing when it’s done

But in the glitz and glitter
so much has been lost

When such ado is made
of Rudolf and Jack Frost

All the wrapping of presents
with ribbons and bright bows

Done amid the watching of 
all the cartoon Christmas shows

What’s all but forgotten
in so many homes today

How we first did celebrate
the One who came this day

‘Twas a long, long time ago
in the town of Bethlehem

When a couple came from Nazareth
and a child was born to them

Where a stable full of animals
were to witness His birth

With a manager for His bed
God‘s gift to all the earth

Shepherd’s tending to their sheep
in the darkest of the night

When the sky became lit up
by a star ever so bright

The air filled with music
as angels appeared to sing

With voices soft and soothing,
“Glory to the Newborn King!”

The awe-struck shepherd’s ran
then to the stables to see

Desiring to get one glimpse
of heaven’s most Holy Baby

When they entered therein
and saw the manger bed

They knew that He was special
just as the angels said

Three magi came bearing gifts
from out of the east

To give to the Newborn King
Who’d become the most and least

The star’s appearance was foretold
that it would lead their way

To where the Savior of the world
would be born on this day

They fell down to their knees
as homage to Him paid

With rejoicing and in wonder
gifts at His feet laid

So now you know my children
how all of this began

With most blessed birth of
the Holy Son Of Man

And it’s up to you
let it not be forgotten

How all of this is for
God’s only Son begotten!

Teresa Marie  2/27/09 – revised 12/18/11 ©