Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario – Dear God, What Now? – Part 6

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A wide smile spread across Monique’s beautiful face and she slung her arm through Reggie’s, like they were old friends or related.  “Shall we go over here to sit for a minute while we talk?”

“Sure.” she squeaked .

Once they were seated, Monique began in, “I was praying this morning and God started a two-way conversation with me about this  little “mission” that you’re on,” at which point she giggled a little, which instantly irritated her.

“What’s so funny?!” Reggie asked her, biting each word off at the end.

“Oh my dear, don’t be so sensitive!  I giggled because I can just imagine the joy you are experiencing while you’re doing this work for God!!  I would be hardly able to contain myself.  Of course people already think I’m, what’s the word, “quirky”?  Yes, that’s it!  People think I’m quirky enough as it is because I “claim” to literally talk to God but I have a whole slew of psychiatric tests to show that I’m not insane and, rather to the contrary, extremely intelligent. I don’t know why people find it easy to believe the prophets of the Bible talked to our Father but resist the idea of anyone doing it in today’s world!  Ridiculous!!  God never changes, we are the fickle ones.”

“Excuse me for being sharp, Monique, I guess I’m just tired and right now, I feel a bit insane.  I’m not used to these kind of things happening to me and have been wrestling quite a lot with myself over the idea of being “sent” by God.  At the same time, I don’t doubt that it’s happening because the people I’m suppose to help just keep popping up right in front of me!  It’s crazy, to say the least.  And, yes, I am enjoying it immensely, I must admit!!  I would love to get together with you later to chat, maybe over dinner?  But I need to go take a nap first.  Does what you have to tell me need to be done immediately or can it wait for a couple of hours until I’m rested and better able to absorb it?” Reggie asked with pleading, blood-shot eyes.

“Oh, again, I’m so sorry for my poor manners!  Of course you are tired.  It can definitely wait for a couple of hours.  I have some shopping to do.  Give me the name of your hostel and I will pick you up there in exactly three hours from now, so you can nap and freshen up a bit before dinner.”

Reggie smiled a weak smile of gratitude, saying, “That would be perfect!  I really do want to talk more with you when I’m rested.  Actually, I’m quite excited about the prospect of us have a long dinner to chat with each other.”

“Perfect,” Monique said as Reggie handed her the address, “I will pick you up there  shortly and we will have a marvelous conversation!!  I promise it won’t be boring.”  After which she flashed her the most brilliant and kind smile that Regina had ever seen.  At that moment she felt a surge of great love for this woman, Miss Monique D’bua…  to be continued

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#FWF Free Write Friday; Time & Place Scenario

by kellieelmore