Story Challenge: Letter “K”


I am the kid
of a great King
Of His glory
to you I sing





To His Kingdom
one day I’ll go
His loving peace
to ever know









When life for me
does pass away
In my King’s arms
this soul will lay



Teresa Marie  9/12/12 ©

Princess and The Derfalings

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There once was a princess
ruling her kingdom of Derfalings

A land with giant creatures
some of them silly things

Who suddenly decided one day
a birthday party to throw

For when it truly was
no one seemed to know

So they planned to have
it to be a surprise

And a crazy excuse did
the four ringleaders then devise 

All went to the princess
saying her help they need

While begging her come along
to their cave with speed

Where others from the kingdom
were already there in hiding

When the princess began asking
what help they needed providing 

 And at that very moment
her subjects sprang out with glee

Presenting her with their gifts
wishing a birthday so happy

Which startled her at first
but then made her cry

As the Derfalings were searching
a tissue her tears to dry

“Thank you all so much
for what you have done

Now come on let’s party
and have a bit of fun!”

Teresa Marie 1/24/12  ©

Free Write Friday; Message In A Bottle – Remember Me


You are stranded on a remote island with no hope of being rescued. You find only a pen, one sheet of paper and a bottle. You want to let people know what happened to you, who you are and how you wish to be remembered…

World, oh world, remember me
as I now live and breathe

I was a sinner, not a saint
and never referred to as quaint

Great were tests that I failed
as against the world I railed

Many transgressions have I committed
 fault my own for those I permitted

But as you read what I’ve written
know that I am one forgiven

When stupid mistakes I have made
yet for which I’ve never paid

Have been covered by the Son
as His salvation I have won

Though my soul fills with remorse
for taking a wicked sinners course

The Lord’s been with me here
to tell me I need not fear

And in heaven will I see
all those dearly loved by me 

For the time has now come
to enter into my Father’s kingdom 

Please tell my husband and children
that I’ve gone home with the Son!

Teresa Marie  1/13/12  ©

Free Write Friday; Message in a Bottle

by Kellie Elmore

On My Private Island – Free Write Friday

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In my fantasy world
is my private island

Where everything is easy
for me to understand

Unlike the one here
when in all reality

Becomes way too much
to bear in its totality

I make my escape
to a magical kingdom

Where I have rule
over what does come

For it is there
that I am free

To be anyone that
I want to be

And on this Island
a joyous life live

Far from the one
of give, give, give

In my fantasy kingdom
everyone is kind

When I am there
I have peace of mind

Although I cannot stay
on this island forever

I find that when there 
 any storm  I can weather

So I make sure
regularly to visit

And I really don’t think 
that’s so bad, is it?

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 ©