I Have a Thought/Question; Need Your Advice


Remember when I showed you some of my creations, like this example?  Well, I have a whole lot more than just this and the time has come to start selling some of them.  So I was thinking about doing it online but I’m not sure how I should approach it.

I was thinking about starting a new blog that is specifically for “my creations” and doing everything through PayPal.

I need some advice, anybody got some knowledge in this area?  Do you think they would sell?

I have them reasonably priced, I think, and would just do free shipping beings that they aren’t all that heavy and wouldn’t cost that much to ship.



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Thursday’s Thought From Irenaeus

Tuesday’s Thought From Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday’s Verse From Ecclesiastes 2

Picture It & Write # 31; Her Luxury, My Need



The air felt so cold against my damp skin that it burned. I heaved myself through the icy water. Why did my useless younger brother throw my book? He was probably jealous I could read and he couldn’t. Literacy was a luxury that my father had bestowed me when he had been alive. I could hear him snorting from the side of the lake. I hissed at him to shut up.  If my mother found me waist deep in the lake searching for a book she’d scour my bedroom and burn the few books I had hidden. She hated my incessant reading, she would remind me time and time again that I needed to work on my ability to cook and not my ability to read. ‘A man wouldn’t marry you for your mind, Dorothea.’ My trembling fingers clasped onto the wet book which floated with its pages open, thirsting to be read. This story of mine, of the drowned.

 Ermisenda Alvarez


__picture it & write

by Ermilia

My Sunday Thoughts – Not Tongues, Nor Faith, Nor Prophecy…


Not tongues nor faith nor prophecy nor knowledge nor martyrdom nor philanthropy, but love is the Christian’s mark of distinction.

Vance Havner

“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”

Acts 20:35
The English Standard Version

Along with everything else this week, today’s quote and Scripture verse that I am using tie right in.  It’s appropriate also with a previous post I did that was referencing the marks of a Christian. 

I have always been more of a giver than a taker, or at least it seems so.  I know there are times that I have been generous to a fault which can do more harm than good.  When you’re that kind of person, you get taken advantage of a whole lot.  But my philosophy was always this, as I told my dad more than once, “I’d rather love a thousand people and only get love back from one  or two than to never have loved anyone at all.”

He used to make me mad because he was so cynical.  I would tell him so too and his response would always be the same, “Wait until you get older and you’ll change your tune.”  Well that would just make me dig my feet in even more (and so would he.)  We both have inherited that Irish stubbornness.  Of course, now that I am older, I’m cynical as well.  Not quite as bad as he but more than I was back then.  And yet when I love someone, I feel it deeply, strongly and generously.  Just as Jesus would want me to, or He wouldn’t have made me this way!

Take your Christian walk seriously and follow His lead.  Be generous with your time, your money and your love for one another.  Do it for the One who loves you without boundaries and always remember that’s why He died for us all, great and small!

In that Spirit of generosity,
Teresa Marie